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The past, present and future of industrial connectivity

Our lives today are becoming more and more reliant on technology. Whilst we are surrounded by a plethora of labour saving and leisure activity devices, it is the joining up or connectivity of all ... more

Push-pull connectors for the medical market

Larger sizes have been added to Souriau’s JMX Plastic range of connectors to meet an inrush of new electronic medical equipment that requires a higher contact density in order to be powered. In ... more

New torque tools ease connector installation

A set of torque tools has been introduced by Harting to ease the installation of its Han(R) range of industrial connectors using axial screw termination technology.The introduction of axial screw ... more

Marine connectors on five-day delivery

Aerco is now assembling the Mk35 range of marine connectors from TTAB Connectors and is able to offer five-day delivery with no MOQs.The Mk35 connectors is designed for use in salt spray environments.... more

New PushPull connector for termination in industrial camera systems

HARTING’s PushPull industrial connector, Variant 4, is said to be suitable for providing reliable termination for camera systems in applications such as industrial quality control and security ... more

Mini weather-proof connectors withstand outdoor advertising demands

It is common to see an advert for the nearest fast food outlet or the latest cinema release illuminated by an advertising light box in every town in the UK. Positioned by bus stops, elevators and ... more

Connectors and cables to suit design demands

With over 30 years of experience, Escha now offers 750 different cable types and 2000 different connectors as standard, enabling it to respond quickly to customer demands. Although primarily designed ... more

New unsealed connector system suits automotive electronics applications

An unsealed connector system has been launched by Molex for direct connect or in-line mid-power body electronics applications in the automotive industry where space is limited – such as interior ... more

Cable chain systems

Advertisement featureShort lead times, competitive markets and less capacities to do all the work. Sounds familiar? One increasingly popular option to solve this challenge is outsourcing work ... more

The PushPull approach

Kevin Canham from HARTING takes a look at the benefits offered by today’s PushPull connectors for industrial applicationsThe internationally standardised PushPull connector design combines ease of ... more

The medical challenge

Medical equipment design engineers are constantly challenged to develop leading-edge electronic devices that help improve patient care. Anthony J. Kalaijakis, Molex Incorporated, takes a look at the ... more

High density data modules for connectors

According to Multi-Contact, its CombiTac connector system now includes the option to include high density data modules. The compact contact carriers, housing up to 20 poles with 0.6mm diameter ... more

Virtually there

New developments such as cloud computing are making digital prototyping even more beneficial than before, says Colin Watson of SymetriUK manufacturing output may continue to contract, but despite ... more

Data transmission

Compact and robust Gigabit Ethernet connectors, which support data rates of up to 10Gbps, have been added to Belden’s Lumberg Automation range.These have a special shielding that also covers the ... more

Connectors with surge protection

Through a collaboration with PolyPhaserTranstector, a sister organisation within Smiths Interconnect, protection against the higher energy transients associated with a primary lightning strike or ... more

Plastic connectors

Quadrant Connectors now offers the full range of Souriau connectors, including the UTS plastic circular series.These are rated to IP68/69K, are vibration resistant, halogen-free, UV and salt spray ... more

Hybrid connector module launched

The power-supply and signal contacts are combined in Harting’s new Han 70 A Hybrid Module, the latest in the Han-Modular flexible open connector system.The module has a power contact with a current ... more

Connector suits off-road vehicles

ITT Interconnect Solutions’ KJAYA hermetically-sealed connector series is a low-cost interconnect designed for off-road vehicles which need to withstand low pressure water environments, such as ... more

IP67 series suits harsh environments

Rugged ODVA-compliant connectors designed for harsh environment applications, such as WiMax, Long Term Evolution (LTE), and Remote Radio Heads using Fibre To The Antenna (FTTA) connectivity, have ... more

In-line wire connector offers fast installation

New from Ideal Industries is the SpliceLine in-line wire connector, an alternative to butt splices that does not require crimping, soldering or heat shrinking to create secure end-to-end connections. ... more
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