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New video animation reveals the secrets of new compact escalator drives

Renold Gears has produced a 3D video animation that quickly summarises and illustrates, in just over two minutes, the innovations, benefits and design features of its new range of compact escalator ... more

Invertek helps Canadian marine contamination response team keep fleet efficient

An organisation dedicated to protecting wildlife, economic and environmental sensitivities along the coast of British Columbia, Canada has made three of its new vessels more efficient thanks to ... more

Do you have the UK's oldest working Danfoss drive?

This year Danfoss Drives is celebrating two outstanding anniversaries for its’ VLT and Vacon brands. It’s 50 years since the Danfoss VLT 5 Drive was launched, being the Worlds’ first mass-produced AC ... more

Rulmeca’s smart alternative to conventional geared drives

Rulmeca Motorised Drums were first produced in 1956 to provide plant managers and designers with a compact, hermetically sealed and highly efficient drive solution for belt conveyors and associated... more

Thomson introduces hybrid stepper motor/lead screw actuator with anti-rotational guidance built in

Thomson Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has expanded its line of stepper motor linear actuators with models featuring built-in anti-rotational ... more

OEM standardises using ABB drive to improve boiler range efficiency

Considering efficiencies: to rewind or replace an electric motor

An improvement in the pumping accuracy of water feed within industrial boilers has led to Byworth Boilers standardising using an ABB variable speed drive (VSD) to enhance the efficiency of its ... more
When motor failure occurs, it can have a huge impact on your business in terms of productivity and monetary losses. You want to get your processes up and running as quickly as possible, so you may ... more

Interroll Pallet Control PC 6000 enables zero-pressure pallet conveyance

Interroll is expanding its decentralised control and drive concept, which has been used successfully for years with the Interroll 24 V DC RollerDrive and the Interroll MultiControl for zero-pressure ... more

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