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Panel PC with Core I7 Processor suitable for Industrial use

The new POS-Line V2 17.3” Panel PC Monitor with Core i7 Board and full HD resolution is available from Display Technology. One special feature the new Panel PC offers is its own heat management so ... more

Murata’s ultra-thin LW reversed, low ESL chip MLCCs in 0204 inch size design for in-vehicle ADAS applications

Murata introduces the ultra-thin LW reversed, low equivalent series inductor (ESL) multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) with a capacitance value of 1.0 µF ±20% for 4 Vdc-rated automotive applications. ... more

Analog Devices launches Quadband VCOs offering wideband capabilities without compromising phase noise performance for microwave applications

Analog Devices, Inc. has announced a series of quadband voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) that offer wideband capabilities without compromising phase noise performance. When used in today’s RF ... more

260W AC-DC open frame baseplate cooled power supply suitable for extreme environments

Components Bureau part of the Fortec Group based in Cambridgeshire are pleased to offer Cincons new CFM260S series. The new series offers a high efficiency of up to 93.5% and a very wide temperature ... more

New icotek KEL-DP time and cost saving alternative to traditional cable glands now available from Foremost Electronics

Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components, announces new additions to icotek’s market leading range of cable entry ... more

Anglia Components enhances its range of passive components by signing a distribution agreement with Walsin

Anglia will be supporting the full Walsin range including capacitors, resistors, inductors, RF components and antenna products. The addition of Walsin to Anglia's portfolio not only expands the ... more

Simple to install DIN-Rail mounted EMC Cable Shield Clamp from Foremost Electronics

Foremost Electronics, has announced the availability of the icotek LFC cable clamp with EMC shield connection for use on the industry standard 30mm DIN-Rail shape C. The new LFC cable shield clamp ... more

Analog Devices’ Dual Silent Switcher series delivers low EMI operation and features stackable-friendly output current configurations

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has introduced the LT8650S, LT8652S and LT8653S dual-channel 4A/8.5A/2A synchronous step-down Silent Switcher converters targeted for automotive, communications and solid ... more

Silicon Germanium (SiGe) rectifiers from Nexperia combine cutting-edge high efficiency, thermal stability and space-savings

Nexperia, the expert in essential semiconductors, has announced a range of new silicon germanium (SiGe) rectifiers with 120 V, 150 V, and 200 V reverse voltages that combine the high efficiency of ... more

Anglia partners with Panjit to boost discrete semiconductor range

Anglia is now offering an expanded range of discrete semiconductors after signing a distribution agreement covering the UK and Ireland with Panjit International Inc, a leading supplier. Panjit ... more

OnLogic Partners with EdgeIQ to Launch IoT Orchestration Solutions

In response to the growing need for reliable management of complex, interconnected intelligent devices and control systems, global industrial and IoT computer hardware manufacturer, OnLogic, has ... more

Bridgetek introduces new PanL Hardware for controlling smart devices

Bridgetek has further extended the scope of possibilities addressed by its PanL home automation connectivity platform - with release of the PanL Relay. The purpose of this latest unit is to bring ... more

Four- and six- way snap-in circular connectors launched

binder has increased the applications for its popular snap-in 720 Series of miniature circular connectors with the launch of 4- and 6- way distributors. These will prove a welcome addition for those ... more

Debug from home: SEGGER’s J-Link Remote Server adds encryption

Working from home has become a necessity for many of us. Given the ongoing changes in the working environment, it is very likely that some amount of work-from-home time will become not just more ... more

Black and white e-paper displays now available

Now available from Pervasive Displays (PDi) is the full range of Aurora black and white e-paper, or E-ink, electrophoretic displays (EPDs) . These chip-on-glass (COG) front plane laminate (FPL) ... more

EMC filters for converter systems

For converter systems, SMP offers "All Mode" EMC filters with high frequency stability. The High Frequency Composite Materials (HFCM) developed and manufactured by SMP are effective for frequencies ... more

15W and 20W chassis/DIN rail mount DC-DC converters for industrial and ITE applications

Two new series of wide range input DC-DC converters are available from XP Power. Their flexible specification allows devices with incompatible voltages to be easily integrated into industrial systems.... more

Cooling solutions for the new 100 Watt edge server ecosystem

Congatec has introduced three new cooling solutions for the new edge server ecosystem that is being built around AMD EPYC Embedded 3000 Series Processors. With rugged cooling solutions and ... more

Exclusive deal with JJ Micro gives Transonics access to wide range of Triacs and Thyristors

Following the signing of an exclusive deal with JJ Micro, the Chinese producer of discrete and power semiconductors, Transonics is now holding one million triacs and thyristors in stock at its UK ... more

Lattice introduces mVision Solutions for low power embedded vision development

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has introduced the Lattice mVision solutions stack. The complete solutions stack includes the modular hardware development boards, design software, embedded vision ... more

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