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Four products every engineering student needs

Published: 30 June 2020 - Rachael Morling

The field of engineering is drawing the attention of many students. The field is not just growing in scope due to the inclusion of new technologies, but it’s also growing in numbers thanks to the influx of new students pursuing engineering degrees. The fact that students can now study for an engineering degree online makes this field even more appealing.

Nevertheless, engineering is still a challenging industry to enter. Engineering students need to be at their best in order to earn a degree in a timely manner. The market also demands more capable engineers to handle modern challenges. This is why engineering students need to equip themselves with the right products and tools, and we are going to review the top 4 products in this article.

A Mobile Workstation

In the old days, engineers were stuck working on a desktop computer, especially when handling tasks such as CAD design and 3D rendering. Desktop hardware is the only type of hardware capable of handling the more advanced, resource-intensive tasks. Today, however, the same computing power can be found in mobile workstations.

Unlike powerful laptops and gaming laptops, mobile workstations use professional-grade hardware designed to handle complex tasks such as CAD design and 3D rendering. Instead of using consumer-grade RTX graphics cards, for instance, mobile workstations usually come with NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. This means engineering students can handle any task with ease.

There are several mobile workstations to choose from too. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the only option on macOS, but you have devices such as the ThinkPad P-series and Acer ConceptD 7 to choose from if you are a Windows user. More importantly, mobile workstations are now priced reasonably, making them more affordable to engineering students.


The next product every engineering student needs is a CSCS card. This is a card that certifies you to work in a construction site. Naturally, it is a card that you want to have if you are planning to get involved in projects while completing your engineering program. Applying for a CSCS card as a student is simply a must.

There are several types of CSCS cards to choose from. A CSCS Green card, for example, is the basic card for general labourers. If you have completed your apprenticeship, you can upgrade your CSCS card to a blue one. A Red CSCS card is specifically meant for workers with one year of experience or more.

Uni Compare, a leading university comparison and search tool, has a fantastic article on CSCS cards and how they can be useful to engineering students. You can learn more about CSCS cards here through their handy guide. If you are also seeking the right engineering program to take, you will find the personalised search offered by Uni Compare to be very handy.

Measuring Tools

Investing in a good set of measuring tools is another thing that every engineering student needs to do early in their journey. Rather than spending a lot of money on cheap, less accurate measuring tools, it is much better to pick up high-quality ones. They tend to last a lifetime, making them fantastic as investments.

A digital calliper, for instance, is a tool that every engineering student needs to have. The same is true with a calculator, laser distance meter, temperature sensor, and a portable oscilloscope. The tools to pick up highly depends on the focus of your engineering study and the career you want to pursue in this field. You can buy measuring tools from a lot of online retailers too.

Before making purchases, however, there are two things you need to do. First, you want to make sure that you are investing in the best tools available. This means comparing options and going through reviews to find the best ones to buy. Secondly, be sure to search for the best deals available to save money on the purchases.

Safety Equipment

Last but certainly not least, every engineering student needs a set of safety equipment. Similar to measuring tools, safety equipment is an investment that stays with you for years to come, which means you have to make sure that you are investing in the right ones. A good set of work gloves is a good example.

Adding items such as a good helmet, a pocketknife, and a pair of work boots is something to consider. When you have a complete set, there is nothing you cannot handle, including working in actual project sites and earning money as an engineering student. Most students go for CAT as the brand of choice, but you also have plenty of options in this product category.

There are some other items that every engineering student needs to have too; a multipurpose tool and an LED flashlight are also worth getting. The four we discussed in this article, however, will get you ready for any challenge you may come across while studying engineering and working in the field. 

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