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Free basic versions of EPLAN packages now on offer

Published: 24 January 2020 - Rachael Morling

EPLAN is offering a free basic version of its EPLAN eVIEW and EPLAN eBUILD packages. The offer is open to all those interested in using these two leading EPLAN solutions for themselves.

A series of webinars and training videos will also be released shortly to enable users to make the most of their trials.

Part of the EPLAN ePULSE family, EPLAN eVIEW makes it easy for designers and customers to work closely together on projects, helping to speed up the design review procedure as well as reducing the need for design revisions and reworking, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Thanks to EPLAN eVIEW, engineering projects generated using the EPLAN Platform can be accessed directly via the cloud. This means that project data can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone who has been granted access. One of the key features is a red-lining function that lets customers, employees on the shop floor and maintenance engineers add their suggestions for changes. These changes are then instantly accessible to the design engineers.

EPLAN eBUILD is an innovative configuration-based automation software package, which simplifies the changeover to automated working methods by enabling design engineers to generate electrical and fluid schematics at the push of a button – without the need for expert knowledge, specialist programming ability or extensive training. It can be a central part of the design workflow. Whether the user takes a function-based or machine-based approach, their design method will not require any modification, it will simply become much faster.

“Here at EPLAN we believe we have outstanding solutions that can revolutionise the way engineers think, work and collaborate”, said Ken Christie, sirector at EPLAN UK. “With our range of free value added products, we want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and try for themselves the benefits of eVIEW and eBUILD. And, should they want to move their work to the EPLAN Platform to the cloud, we are here to support them all the way.”

You can access EPLAN eVIEW and eBUILD by creating your EPLAN ePULSE account.

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