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High temperature adhesive now available in the UK and Ireland

Published: 6 December 2017 - Sarah Mead

Inseto, a leading technical distributor of equipment and materials, has added DELO MONOPOX HT760 to its extensive range of products from DELO Industrial Adhesives. Ideal for a variety of automotive, aerospace and oil & gas sector applications, DELO MONOPOX HT760 is a high temperature, heat-cured anhydride adhesive. It boasts a high bond strength after long-term aging (1,000 hours at 250oC) and at temperature (also 250oC), as well as having good temperature stability and thermal and chemical resistance.

Eamonn Redmond, Sales Manager, comments: “Many applications now require adhesives that can survive high temperatures and still bond well. In the oil & gas sector, for example, product extraction temperatures can be over 200oC. And in the automotive sector, several fluids are used which can compromise bond integrity.”

DELO MONOPOX HT760 can be ordered in minimum order quantities as low as 200g. Redmond notes: “All adhesives have a finite shelf life so ordering large quantities can prove wasteful in the long-run. At Inseto, we are committed to working with all customers to understand their processes and supply them with made-to-order adhesives in suitable quantities and at optimum intervals. Also, our relationship with DELO is such that we frequently get involved in specifying changes to the chemistry of some adhesives for bespoke applications.”

Inseto is DELO Industrial Adhesives’ exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland. For further information on DELO MONOPOX HT760, including test results, and for details of other products available please contact Inseto.

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