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How much could you save using Smart Universal Marshalling?

Published: 16 December 2020 - Rachael Morling

Power management company Eaton has introduced an online Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator that will help specifiers and end users to determine the savings they could expect on a project by choosing Smart Universal Marshalling (SUM) over traditional methods.

When the company launched its pioneering MTL SUM5 system last year, it used an example application (requiring surge protection as well as IS and loop disconnects) to estimate the savings that Smart Universal Marshalling could deliver. These included:
65% reduction in components through standardisation
30-50% reduction in the number of cabinets required
Up to 80% savings on marshalling cabinet costs
50% typical reduction in end user lifetime marshalling costs
The SUM5 ROI Calculator means that these calculations can now be made specific to individual project parameters. Users simply go online and enter details of their marshalling cabinet design and I/O component requirements, together with the anticipated plant lifespan, and the ROI Calculator will generate the savings that SUM5 offers. In addition to reducing both CAPEX and OPEX, the likely reduction in cabinets and components that SUM5 can deliver equates to significant space and weight savings, which become extremely significant for offshore applications.
These improvements over traditional marshalling are possible due to the pioneering modular design and significant footprint reduction of the MTL SUM5. It combines five key marshalling functions – intrinsic safety (IS) isolation, signal conditioning, relay interfaces, surge protection and loop disconnect – into a single compact modular design: eliminating the need for complex wiring and multiple terminations per loop. The MTL SUM5 simplifies procurement, inventory management and documentation significantly. With fewer cabinets to install, project managers can reduce costs associated with installation, commissioning and testing, start-up and maintenance. 
The SUM5 modules are designed for ambient operating temperatures from –40 to +70°C and can be mounted in field enclosures in harsh and hazardous areas, as well as in cabinets within control rooms. MTL SUM5 delivers the lowest lifetime costs and lowest installed cost while saving valuable space in a control room.
For more information on how to simplify plant marshalling and reduce costs, read our white paper here.

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