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How to choose the right floodlights

Published: 15 May 2020 - Victoria White

Outdoor lighting is important as it provides additional safety and security to properties you are in charge of. When looking for outdoor lighting, it is common for people to recommend floodlights. They cover a wider area and are brighter than most other lights you could use for this purpose. But with so many makes and models out there, how do you choose the best floodlights?


The brightness of a floodlight is measured in lumens. The more lumens the floodlight outputs, the brighter it will be. Remember that the brighter the floodlight is, the more energy it will use. It is therefore important to consider the area you will be installing the floodlight in to ensure you do not get one that is brighter than you need it to be.

Some things to consider include obstacles such as buildings and trees, nearby lights, and if the light will bleed into other people’s properties.

Energy Consumption

This is another major consideration because you do not want floodlights that use too much energy. Many floodlights come with an energy-efficiency rating so you can see if the light will use too much power and lead to an increase in your power bill. Nowadays, LED floodlights are another good option. These are usually as bright, if not brighter, than other types of floodlights and they consume less power, too.

Colour Temperature

If you are installing floodlights for security reasons, it is important to choose those that have a cool white (4000 k) or daylight (6000 K) temperature. Light from these floodlights looks brighter and natural to the eye. These colour temperatures also allow you to see further.

If you need floodlights installed at a stadium or other grounds, you want cooler lights as they help keep people alert. If you want to illuminate a building or other piece of architecture, warm lights (3000 K) work best. These warmer light temperatures also look welcoming and cozy.


Light pollution is a huge problem in most cities, so much so that you cannot see the night sky in some places. When choosing floodlights, check that they project a minimal amount of light upwards. Besides polluting the environment, this light leads to energy wastage.


Before choosing floodlights, you ought to consider where they will be installed. The location will determine the height and angle of the lights. This will make a difference in the area lit up as well as how well lit it is.

It is also important to consider the proximity to other buildings and infrastructure because these can block light from reaching where you want it to.

Automatic or Not?

When choosing floodlights, you can choose between those that are switched on and off manually, those that have motion sensors, and those that light up when the ambient light falls below a certain level.

Getting the Lights Installed

It is always best to leave the job of installing floodlights to professionals. Contractors like Lighting Maintenance will help you select the best location as well as the best type of floodlight for your needs. They will then install the floodlights for you.


Installing floodlights is something every person looking for safety, security, and general peace of mind should do. Once you consider all the tips outlined above, the process should become easier.

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