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Ruland expands range of International Series shaft collars

Ruland has expanded its range of International Series shaft collars to include quick clamping with clamping lever, mountable with or without quick clamping lever, and anodized aluminium bodies with ... more

Bromford Reaches for the Sky With MSC

As part of the Bromford Group, Bromford Industries in Leicester is a Tier 1 manufacturer that specialises in the Industrial Gas Turbines (IGT), power generation and aerospace sectors. As a Tier 1 ... more

Mountable shaft collars from Ruland

Ruland offers shaft collars with flats and tapped holes or tapped holes only in the outer diameter, allowing for easy mounting of shaft collars to each other or adjacent assemblies. Clamp style ... more

Free access to component CAD drawings speeds up design

Fast and simple access to component part CAD drawings is vital for engineers to design machinery. Accurate 3D visualisations also help buyers make quick decisions. WDS Components Ltd freely presents ... more

Ball screw drives from Kammerer for machine tools improve precision and speed

German manufacturer Kammerer Gewindetechnik GmbH has developed ball screw drives with cooled nut for use in machine tools. The cooled nut makes it easier to cool the ball screw drive. This improves ... more

Shaft collars for medical analysis equipment

Star knobs and adjustable clamping handles for quick adjustments

Ruland manufactures shaft collars from carefully specified raw materials with fine finishes, high holding power and precise face to bore perpendicularity, making them ideal for the demands of medical ... more
Ruland has expanded its line of adjustable components to include star knobs and adjustable clamping handles. This expansion gives designers a wider variety of standard in-stock components to choose ... more

See how iglidur PRT slewing rings are built

Slewing ring bearings have been in use for many years, however. Lubrication can, however, be a challenge because the stop/start motion of the slewing disrupts the necessary oil build-up. A typical ... more

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