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Over two million Brits report that a hobby in electronics has been key for their mental wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic

Published: 3 July 2020 - Rachael Morling

With millions of Brits confined to their homes and many suffering job losses or being placed on furlough, reports of mental health incidents have risen and the extended period of uncertainty has disrupted the nation’s routines, work and leisure activities essential to maintaining mental stability and wellbeing. However, the quarantine has inspired a nation of people to discover the myriad benefits to be gleaned from creative pursuits.

New nationally representative research carried out by creators of the desktop factory Mayku, has found that over 2.5 million people in Britain have experienced a significant mental wellbeing benefit from discovering or developing a skill in building or mending electronics in lockdown.

Not only this, but some have even been motivated to turn their passion into viable businesses - 21% of electronics hobbyists have stated that their time spent developing their craft in lockdown has sparked a desire to create a business in the sector.

With this in mind, creators of the desktop factory Mayku are keen to encourage people to take up or develop a hobby in lockdown.

Alex Smilansky, co-founder and CEO of Mayku, said: “It is truly wonderful to see the sheer quantity of people in Britain who have benefited from allowing their creative juices to flow by taking up, developing, or even rediscovering the joy of electronics.

Taking part in creative pursuits can have a tremendous impact on our mental wellbeing, especially during the extended periods of isolation and disruption brought about by the Coronavirus lockdown. Working on an art project or creating something new out of different materials allows us to be present in the moment and reignites our creative mindset, preventing us from dwelling on the past, future, or less than ideal circumstances brought about by the virus.

“Keeping the brain effectively stimulated, developing skills and creating something also provides us with a much-needed sense of progress and achievement which works wonders for our mental wellbeing, especially at a time where so many of us are still unable to work, travel or visit close friends and family with ease. 

"We have even found that the time spent in lockdown has inspired some people to take their craft hobbies and nurture them to create fully fledged businesses out of their homes. With more time and energy to dedicate to their passion projects, the lockdown is giving rise to a number of brand new businesses.

"At Mayku, we are so pleased to see so many people discovering new creative passions and feeling the positive mental effects as a result, and we are committed to giving everyone in the UK the power to kickstart their own hobbies or even businesses, by providing quality materials, equipment, and a friendly online community for help and support.”


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