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Pick your own handle for index plungers

Published: 20 August 2019 - Rachael Morling

Buyers of WDS Component Parts’ index plungers can now specify the size and type of handle to be fitted, thus customising each plunger for its particular application.

Index plungers are used in many roles in engineering and machine building. Their basic function is to define predetermined stop locations for two or more parts and to lock them into position. This can include positioning moving parts on a production machine, securing an inspection cover into its open or closed position, accurately locating jigs and fixtures or locking a tool into position.

“Index plungers are both intuitively easy to use and consistently accurate. They are simple mechanical devices that are manually operated,” explains WDS’s technical expert John Marshall. “They are very effective and, as they often perform critical functions, it is important that they are optimised to their duties.”

The choice of handle can be very important. A correctly sized handle can suit the space available and be easy to grasp, while the choice of knob, T-handle or other shape will aid grip and optimise ergonomics. Similarly, the choice of material and finish can be critical – for instance, corrosive environments may require stainless steel or nylon, while a knurled surface may be appropriate if oil is likely to be present.

To meet the wide range of requirements, WDS offers an extensive range of plungers. For example, spring-loaded plungers are self-activating, while cam-operated ones can be locked into open or closed positions. They come in parking and non-parking versions; with various mounting configurations including plate-mounting, with integral or separate bracket; sprung or non-sprung; with steel, stainless steel or nylon pins. Most can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

WDS plungers come in sizes from: end diameter 6mm to 12mm; outer diameter M16 x 1.5mm or M20 x 1.5mm; bolt length 46mm or 57 mm; and protrusion length 10mm or 12mm. The weight of the units varies with size from 114g to 188g.


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