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Linear position sensor suits motorsport industry demands

For its 2019 car for the Formula Student Competition, Team Bath Racing (TBR) developed a new hydraulic clutch that included precision position feedback as part of its closed-loop hydraulic system. To ... more

Sensor Integration Machines boost SICK’s ‘Edge’ processing power

SICK has extended its Sensor Integration Machine (SIM) family with the launch of two high-performance, one-box, processing hubs that fuse decentralised, multi-sensor co-operation with field-to-cloud ... more

Magnetic gear tooth sensor IC for traction motors

Allegro MicroSystems' ATS17501 is the first gear tooth sensor IC designed to provide incremental position for electric vehicle traction motors operating up to 30k RPM. The device addresses engineers’ ... more

LVDT position sensor survives temperatures to 1000°F and radiation levels of 100 Mrad

New Tek Sensor Solutions’ HT-1000 LVDT Position Sensor offers a 1000°F (538°C) continuous operating temperature rating and resistance to high radiation levels of 100 Mrad. The sensor therefore ... more

SICK’s LMS4000: “Most Powerful and Accurate 2D LiDAR Sensor Yet”

With its LMS4000, SICK has developed its most powerful and accurate 2D LiDAR sensor to date for materials handling and intralogistics applications, even at high speeds, in low ambient light or when ... more

FLIR launches industry-first deep learning-enabled machine vision camera: Firefly DL

FLIR Firefly Deep Learning Machine Vision Camera for original equipment manufacturers, engineers and makers is now available for purchase.

FLIR Systems has announced the launch of the FLIR Firefly ... more

SICK Shrinks UHF RFID Read/Writing with Smallest Industrial Device

SICK has launched the smallest industrial UHF RFID read/write device of its kind, the RFU610, creating new opportunities to integrate RFID track and trace capability in automated machines and mobile ... more

E-Bike Sensor from ZF

E-Bikes are becoming a more commonplace form of transport on our roads. The growing sales figures and increasing market share highlight their importance within the biking industry. E-Bike ... more

First thin smart fabric sensors to measure all aspects of physicality

BeBop Sensors, the wearable sensor technology company created by musical instrument inventor Keith McMillen and KMI, have announced their first product, the BeBop Wearable Smart Fabric Sensor, the ... more

Processing straw bales

Designed for collecting, stacking and transporting straw bales, the Big Bale Transtacker operates continuously. This is towed by a tractor, with the operator controlling the entire machine from the ... more

Enhancing the machine control platform

Omron explains how an integrated approach to sensors will help with challenging applications

Over the last decade, sensor technology and performance has advanced at an exponential pace, yet the ... more

Laser triangulation sensors for position or displacement measurement

There are 13 standard models in the Riftek RF603HS series laser triangulation sensor range, providing measurement ranges from 2mm up to 1250mm. Available from Ixthus Instrumentation, these IP67 rated ... more

Vision sensors for image inspection and code verification

New from Omron is the compact FQ2 vision sensor, which combines the camera, lens and lighting in a compact package, complete with image processing capability, which eliminates the need for a separate ... more

Ribbon switches for creative applications

Tapeswitch is re-launching its range of Ribbon Switches following a significant increase in enquiries from the more creative manufacturing industries. Ribbon switches are press-at-any-point, momentary,... more

Meeting motor racing demands

Suitable for use in extreme and hostile conditions, Penny + Giles’ sensors are being specified for a range of applications in the Formula One arenaSuccess in motor racing – and especially in F1 – ... more

The pressure is on

There are a number of considerations to take into account when selecting a heavy-duty pressure transducer for pneumatic applications, says Ketan Mehta, senior global product marketing manager at ... more

Mission critical sensors head to Mars

S­tandard and customised load cells, load pins and force sensors from Strainsert Company are being used for demanding applications in research, testing, weighing and control in the aerospace, ... more

Examining 100,000 years of climate history

The U.S. Deep Ice Coring Project, which is currently being conducted in the West Antarctica Ice Sheet (WAIS), is examining approximately the last 100,000 years of the Earth’s climate history by ... more

Rig tests intelligent engine lubrication systems

A­lthough car engines are major contributors to carbon build up, they are fundamental to modern life – so ensuring they are as efficient as possible is essential.One area of inefficiency is the ... more

Testing space technology

Precision servo inclinometers from Sherborne Sensors are being used during life testing of a satellite Thruster Orientation MechanismAs a supplier of space technology, RUAG Space provides precision ... more

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