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Springs & shock absorbers

Eliminating chatter through vibration analysis

Vibration is all around us. In fact, to the untrained ear, vibration might seem to be part and parcel of the manufacturing environment. To some extent, that’s true – vibration is a common by-product ... more

Meeting application demands with spring solutions

There are so many springs types available that it would be impossible to mention more than just a fraction of these, so here we take a look at three types – disc springs, wave springs and spiral ... more

Spring applied wind turbine brakes

Spring applied brakes from INTORQ, from 0.1 to 2400Nm, are available in the UK from Techdrives.The company’s brakes are used in wind turbine installations, in particular where normally-on spring ... more

Intelligent damper range offers design benefits

A range of intelligent dampers have been introduced by German manufacturer Bansbach which it claims are set to revolutionise damping technologies. Available in the UK from Albert Jagger, the EasyERF ... more

What’s in a gas spring?

Gas springs offer many benefits and are therefore used in applications we see every day. But how are they constructed and what features do they offer to design engineers? Phil Burge, communication ... more

New on-line shop for springs and fasteners

Associated Springs has launched a new online shopping experience, designed to combine viewing, ordering and purchasing into one single transaction.The site is aimed at all customers, from ... more

Fibre optic cables suit military use

IRphotonics has introduced the HE Series Infrared Fiber Optic Cables, which are designed to meet the most stringent specifications required by military and industrial applications. According to the ... more

It’s spring time for UK manufacturing

William Hughes, which manufactures springs for automotive, aerospace and general industry, is a family-run firm with an engineering heritage that stretches back over 200 years. Rachael Morling met ... more

Springs and dampers

Demanding on- and off-highway applications can benefit from SKF’s STABILUS gas springs and dampers.The STABILUS LIFT-O-MAT hydro-pneumatic gas springs are for high load applications, where large ... more

Rubber mounts isolate machine noise and vibration

Reciprocating or rotating equipment such as petrol engines or electric motors produce vibration, however rubber anti-vibration mounts can be used to isolate noise and vibration on machines as varied ... more

Industrial shock absorbers suit sub-zero temperatures

Ace Controls International’s Magnum 45M-LT (Low Temp) Series industrial shock absorbers will continue to decelerate loads, prevent impact damage, reduce noise and improve product performance at ... more

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