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Stop fake bearings… Counterfeit NSK merchandise continues to be found in China

Published: 8 July 2019 - Rachael Morling

Further to the seizure of 23,000 counterfeit NSK packages and labels in Hebei Province, China, a follow-up raid has led to the discovery of yet more fake NSK merchandise. Located at a different factory belonging to the same offender, over 90,000 counterfeit bearing boxes and 10 imitation printing plates covering four major bearing companies (including NSK) were found within.

Following the discovery, the entire batch of package boxes was confiscated and taken to the warehouse of the Market Supervisory Board (MSB), the local trademark infringement office handling the case, pending the final penalty decision. In the meantime, MSB officials involved in the early morning swoop, interrogated the offender, who was caught red-handed. He confessed his wrongdoings and exposed the unscrupulous trader who ordered the fake packages.

At the factory, several machines for printing, laminating, die-cutting, creasing and cutting were discovered.

NSK´s Global Aftermarket department continues to proactively protect the company’s brand image, working closely with local authorities around the world. Law and order must be enforced on counterfeiters to protect NSK from being misrepresented in bearing markets.

Fake bearings not only ‘dupe’ end users into thinking they are purchasing quality products at reduced prices, they carry the risk of premature, and potentially dangerous, failure.

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