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Three changes to make your home or business life greener

Published: 14 January 2021 - Rachael Morling

Preserving the environment and being more conscious about the choices that we make and their impact on the planet is something that has become more important than ever for both businesses and individuals. Whether you run a company and want to make the business greener or simply want to be more environmentally friendly at home, the good news is that there are more options than ever before to help you achieve the goal of reducing your personal or professional carbon footprint.

Install a Water Filtration System
While tap water is mainly drinkable in the Western world, most would agree that it’s not always the nicest water. The addition of chemicals like chlorine to clean the water and the fact that it can pick up debris and other harmful particles along the way to your home or office in the pipes can often leave it with a nasty smell or taste. However, anybody looking to live a more environmentally-friendly home or business life would not encourage using water in plastic bottles instead. A water filtration system provides your family or your employees with access to clean water as and when they need it, helping them avoid getting bottled water and reducing your single-use plastic use significantly. Check out the options at
Solar Panels
Having solar panels installed at your home or business is a great way to improve eco-friendliness and save money over time. By adding the ability to generate energy from the sun to the property, you can avoid getting your energy from the limited resources on the earth and take advantage of an energy supply that does not cause any damage to our planet. And the best part is that the energy that you get from the sun is completely free. You can even add storage to your solar systems to keep hold of any solar energy that you don’t use before selling it on to the grid to power other homes and businesses in your area.
Limit Car Use
While cars are certainly becoming more and more eco-friendly with more hybrid and electric options available than ever before, oil-powered cars are still in the majority. And they can lead to a lot of pollution on the road, having a devastating effect on the planet. Whether you’re trying to be greener in business or in your personal life, driving less can be a good start to make. Walking or cycling is great exercise and can help your mental health while carpooling for longer journeys can be a social and fun way to use less gas and reduce the number of cars on the roads. If you’re a business owner looking to go greener, introducing a cycle to work scheme or starting a carpool system with employees can be a great way to encourage everybody to drive less and help people to save money at the same time.
Whether you want to go greener with your home, business, or both, these three changes to your lifestyle or business environment can make a huge amount of difference.

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