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A strapping way to save costs

Published: 26 May 2020 - Rachael Morling

Fromm Packaging Automation in Italy has managed to save on strapping plant construction costs thanks to the solutions for active and passive distribution provided by Murrelektronik.

Founded in Switzerland in 1947, FROMM Group is now represented in more than 30 countries on all continents, employing a workforce of 1000 people. Currently, the Group produces pallet stabilisation systems and supplies its customers with consumables for bundling and packing of goods.

The Group has five different sites located in Italy. FROMM Italiana is the production centre for the whole group. Fromm Packaging Automation manufactures automatic machines to order, whereas Fromm Stretch Wrapping Division builds standard wrapping machines. Italstrap and Fromm Imballaggio sell and provide assistance for standard equipment and consumables.

Fromm Packaging Automation designs, develops and produces a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines. The company has also recently started manufacturing orbital wrapping machines – to wrap up pipes or profiles with stretch film. The machines produced by this part of the company are built completely to customer specifications.

As a result, they can strap any kind of package and can be integrated into any variety of production lines according to industry sector and application.

Quality components needed

According to the company, safety and reliability are key attributes and of utmost importance during the planning phase. As the machines are designed to bear a great workload while keeping maintenance and downtime to a minimum, the selection of quality, well tested, components from a trusted supplier is vital when considering future maintenance issues.

To meet demands, FROMM Packaging Automation mounts Murrelektronik products on its automatic strapping machines. Initially, the company employed the Exact12 passive distributors in preference to traditional junction boxes. This led to a significant time saving in the plant construction, specifically the optimisation of the cabling process, by avoiding wiring errors and enabling faster production and I/O test times. The removal of the junction box eliminated both drilling times and all the other purely mechanical processes.

When considering further optimisation, Fromm Packaging Automation subsequently adopted the Cube67+ System (fieldbus) on more complex and higher performing machines. The size of the main control panel and the number of cables connecting the panel to the machine could therefore be reduced.

Of further benefit, shipping of the machines became easier and more flexible as dismantling and reassembling times could be significantly shortened.

The use of Murrelektronik components brought the company many advantages and ultimately contributed greatly to cutting down global machine production costs. There was a sharp reduction of signal cabling in the electrical circuit, optimisation of general resources in terms of startup thanks to shorter signal testing times in the field, and simpler and faster technical assistance to the end customer thanks to the extended diagnostic feature, the company explains.


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