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Clutches, brakes & couplings

Ruland Couplings for medical applications

Medical and lab equipment use a variety of machine components to achieve precise measuring and handling operations. Shaft couplings, one such component, may be required to provide one-to-one power ... more

Making safety a priority: NexSafe brakes with functional safety certification

Nexen Group, Inc. now offers three of its brakes products with functional safety certification under its NexSafe trademark name. NexSafe functional safety certified rod locks, rail brakes and ... more

Helical spring couplings by Torsion Control Products prolong service life for planers

Thanks to their special torsional elasticity, spring couplings designed by Torsion Control Products (TCP) are ideal for use in mobile road building machines powered by modern diesel engines. For one ... more

Quick Flex elastomeric couplings for harsh environments

US power transmission specialist Lovejoy Inc. has further expanded its European presence and now also manufactures elastomeric couplings of the Quick Flex series in Werdohl, Germany. The durable ... more

Full steam ahead for Reich couplings in the marine sector

As for many industries in recent months, there have been significant challenges for those operating within the marine sector. However, unlike some areas of business such as hospitality and retail, ... more

New from Ruland! Expanded range of bellows couplings: Highly accurate, zero backlash and maintenance free

Spring coupling design from Torsion Control Products for one of the world’s largest haul trucks

Ruland Manufacturing has expanded its line of bellows couplings to include an outer diameter of 57 mm, allowing for larger bore sizes and increased torque and torsional stiffness capabilities. ... more
With their unique torsional characteristics, spring couplings from Torsion Control Products (TCP) are designed for diesel engines used in construction machines, agricultural vehicles, industrial ... more

Ruland rigid couplings for mixers

Mixers are one of the most common industrial applications. They feature a motor coupled to a paddle or propeller. While the connection is simple, mixers can be used in chemical, food, paint, adhesive ... more

    Wide range of couplings for applications in hazardous areas

    R+L Hydraulics GmbH presents couplings for applications in hazardous areas. The specialist for power transmission technology and hydraulic accessories has various types of couplings available with ... more

    New from Ruland: Slit couplings

    Ruland and Reliance Precision have agreed to cooperate by offering Reliance designed and manufactured slit couplings through Ruland’s eCommerce platform and extensive worldwide distribution network. ... more
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