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Spirent landslide delivers a smarter approach to managing network performance

Published: 27 November 2015 - Lisa Peake

Spirent Communications announced the introduction of Spirent Landslide EDGE and Spirent Landslide CORE test solutions that provide mobile network operators the ability to deploy and operate in real time to maximize operational efficiencies

Network congestion and overload is the second biggest reason for outages in the mobile network, especially given the explosive growth in the numbers of subscribers using connected devices, applications, and services. The new Landslide suite of solutions uses a proactive approach that gives operators network performance visibility across their networks and detects degradations before they impact customers. The system also enables automated, real-time validation of configuration changes and upgrades. The end result is faster time to market for new services and improved network performance for better customer service, which ultimately drive loyalty from existing customers.

“According to industry sources, mobile operators are spending around $15 billion a year globally dealing with all kinds of network degradation and outages, including those related to congestion and overload,” said John Baker, general manager of Spirent Communications’ Mobility group. “By using Landslide CORE and EDGE, carriers can greatly improve the real-time visibility of the network control and data plane as well as validate the impact of each node in the network on individual services from a QoE perspective.”

“In terms of direct costs, carriers world-wide are spending billions of dollars a year dealing with outages and degradations,” says Patrick Donegan, chief analyst, Heavy Reading.  “In terms of indirect costs, outages and degradations are also a significant driver of subscriber churn.”

“With demand scaling rapidly, operators need to expand capacity by increasing resource utilization as much as they can to accommodate traffic growth while keeping costs down,” said Monica Polini, president, Senza Fili Consulting. “For future business success, smart operators should be looking at solutions that proactively provide visibility into network health and provide early identification of issues.”

For more information on reducing network outages and using Landslide EDGE and Landslide CORE click here.

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