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Brave new world 

13 January 2012 04:53:00 Categories: Comment

This is the year which heralds the 2012 Olympics, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the continued turning of the tides I expect across many monumental social, financial and natural situations.

For the electronics industry, developments will no doubt continue to deliver innovations that take us one step further to that ever prophesied 'Brave new world'.

But right now it is the technology in industries such as the displays and user interface arena that are shaping the world around us such as in train stations, high-streets, not to mention the installation of the latest technology advances to bring us the games later this year.

This is why we thought it timely to kick off the Jan 12 issue with a displays & UIs special, exploring a new solution in proximity detection from Semtech.

Eclipsing this is our power supplies and batteries feature special covering some of the latest advances from solutions providers such as Excelsys, with a focus on principals in power conversion.

After all power is the life source of all electronics and is vital to the performance and functionality of all devices.


Michelle WinnyMichelle Winny

With a combination of news, products and feature articles, Michelle provides up-to-wire commentary on new technology and legislation. Coupled with in depth coverage for specifiers and purchasers of electronic components and equipment, Michelle brings everything within the electronics market directly to her readers.