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Twin power Ethernet MCUs: Bringing Ethernet to home automation

Christoph Nolte and Manuel Schreiner, Applications Engineers, Embedded Solutions at Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe take a closer look at the home of the future, integrating super fast microcontrollers ... more

Instrumentation amplifier with on-chip calibration

A new instrumentation amplifier has been developed by Microchip with on-chip calibration for enhanced performance.The new instrumentation amp features the company's mCal technology, which is an on-... more

Versatile, scalable, modern MCUs

Vitor Ribeiro, Senior Product Marketing Engineer, Automotive & Embedded Business Unit at Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe explores the design virtues of a new 32-bit MCU, that demonstrates the ... more

Transcending the physical limits

Martin Poppelaars, VP EMEA Sales at Lantronix explores the freedom of wireless and how advances in the technology are mitigating new possibilities.Companies in just about every industry are looking to wireless technology to connect serial devices and avoid the high cost of installing cable. Low-cost wireless links reduce installation and maintenance costs and provide mobility. However, designing an... more

Wireless for wellness

Olivier Pauzet, Senior Director of Marketing and Market Strategy at Sierra Wireless considers the NHS of the future, aided by advances in wireless - The NHS today is facing up to the challenge of ... more

New secure RFID keys and cards

A new line of RFID keys and cards has been introduced by, Maxim Integrated Products. The solution is designed for the automatic identification, access control, and electronic cash (e-cash) markets. ... more

Antenna range and security support

A new RF transceiver supporting the high-volume consumer markets in the 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band has been introduced by Atmel Corporation. The transceiver supports latest ... more

Balanced output filter for wireless connectivity

A balanced, output matching filter, aimed at 2.4GHz wireless applications; using ZigBee and Bluetooth low energy technologies has been developed. The new filter from Murata has been designed for use ... more

USB data security: A problem solved

Danny Bradbury, Freelance Author for Enova, investigates how building encryption technology directly into USB protocol stacks at a hardware level can drastically mitigate data loss and compliance ... more

Quad and dual-channel amplifiers

A pair of quad and dual-channel, digital variable gain amplifiers (DVGA) that enable higher-performance wideband radio ­systems have been developed by National Semiconductor. The DVGAs provide good ­... more

Embedded module enables serial Wi-Fi networking

An embedded module that enables low power, serial-to-Wi-Fi networking has been released by Digi International. The device has a common footprint and application programming interface (API) that ... more

High quality multi-channel, multi-room wireless HDTV gateway

An advanced multi-channel, multi-room HDTV over Wi-Fi gateway is being launched by ProVision Communication Technologies and Zenverge. The device is based on a four times HD advanced media codec and ... more

New technology cuts phase noise in wireless ICs

Noise reduction technology has been developed by Toshiba Corporation that reduces jitter in radio-frequency signals, cutting phase noise by up to 90 percent. This enables a further migration to high-... more

Riding on the RF wireless wave

Currently in its infancy, the short-range RF sector is set to boom and the catalyst for this expansion will be ultra low-power technology, as Thomas Embla Bonnerud, Product Manager at Nordic ... more

The next generation for the older generation - With wireless care

John Corbett, UK Sales Director at EnOcean, considers how the over 50 generation are using innovative technology to stay independentMany people, getting older, want to remain independent as long as ... more

Individually addressable drives

Figure 1 Paul Davis of Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems, considers how next generation Network Attached Storage devices are ideally suited to the defence market, to provide speed and capacity for ... more

Test capability for voice and data

To get the best out of communications anywhere, anytime powerful computing has taken to the road in a revolutionary synergy between hardware and capability as Michelle Winny, Editor of Electronics ... more

Making powerful computing mobile

To get the best out of communications anywhere, anytime powerful computing has taken to the road in a revolutionary synergy between hardware and capability as Michelle Winny, Editor of Electronics ... more

Wireless stacking beacons

A new range of wireless- enabled stacking beacons from IDC Ltd. provides improved, cable-less machine monitoring and enhanced safeguarding. The new beacons are smple to install and operate and ... more

Low energy Bluetooth solution

A new low power complete Bluetooth low energy IC has been developed by Nordic Semiconductor. The new µBlue nRF8001 has a sub 12.5mA peak current and a connected mode average current as low as sub ... more

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