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The simplicity of simulation

Bob Marchetti, Senior Product Manager at Vicor Corporation explores how fast on-line simulations are shaping advanced, modern power supply architecturesThe task of the power system engineer grows ... more

Verification platform makes formal verification more widely accessible

New formal-based technologies have been announced by Mentor Graphics Corp. with the company’s Questa Verification Platform. This enables mainstream users the ability to perform traditionally very ... more

New digital signage kit from Intel for enhanced consumer content

To improve the evaluation process for digital signage solutions Intel Corporation has released a Digital Signage Evaluation kit, designed to streamline the digital signage evaluation process, reduce ... more

New software tools generate and qualify SPICE models for advanced design model builds

Agilent Technologies Inc. is now shipping its SPICE modelling tools obtained through the company’s acquisition of Accelicon Technologies in February. The tools – Model Builder Program (MBP), Model ... more

Embedded design enhancements added to the Knode

element14 has recently updated its Knode platform to offer a cleaner design and intuitive navigation that makes it easier to find information fast. The site also now offers more space for new ... more

The transition to SoC verification

Michael Sanie, Director of verification Product Marketing at Synopsys, explains why it's time for the next major shift in verification technology to bring about an order-of-magnitude increase to ... more

Training and support service for developing with Intel Data Plane

A training and support services has been announced by Wind River, for the development of applications based on the Intel Data Plane Development Kit (Intel DPDK). This service is now available to ... more

ADC with SPICE model that enables designers to simulate, model and test the full analogue signal chain

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has introduced a successive-approximation-register (SAR) analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) with a downloadable TINA-TI SPICE model, enabling system designers to ... more

Design tool supports ISO 26262 compliant design of mixed-criticality automotive electronics systems

The SymTA/S methodology meets primary ISO 26262 requirements for reliable coverage of failure and error-free timing scenarios, and overcomes inherent safety vs. efficiency conflictSymtavision has ... more

FPGAs program reduces development time for HDR-enabled television solution

Altera Corporation has announced goHDR, one of its early customers in the OpenCL for FPGAs program, achieved a significant reduction in development time and a dramatic increase in performance using ... more

Does anybody know how to program those multicore things?

Paul Stravers, Chief Architect and Marco Jacobs, Director of Marketing, both at Vector Fabrics discuss the benefits of an advanced EDA tool for parallel hardware ... more

Taking EDA into the Cloud

Frank Krämer, Technical Marketing Director, EMEA at Altium Europe explores the future of cloud computing and how the capabilities of this ecosystem will impact the future of hardware design and ... more

Design exploration: An advanced approach

Brian Caslis, Lattice Semiconductor Corporation discusses how FPGA design challenges are being met with a new software environment for design exploration, to achieve key cost and performance ... more

Graphics controller for automotive applications

A highly integrated single-chip graphics solution for automotive display systems has been developed by Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe. The MB88F333 ‘Indigo-L’ is a new sprite-based graphics controller, ... more

Next generation IDE platform announced

The next-generation, open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with cross platform support for Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems has been unveiled by Microchip. The new MPLAB X ... more

Enabling early RTL exploration

Figure 1 Chris Allsup, Marketing Manager for Synopsys’ Synthesis and Test Group, explores how Register Transfer Level code is leading to faster implementation. The register transfer level (RTL) code for today'... more

Next generation virtual machine technology

Next generation embedded Virtual Machine technology has been released by Atego. The Aonix Perc Ultra 6 introduces support for Java 6 language for the first time and incorporates a new high-... more

Advance in differential memory signalling

Advanced differential signaling for SoC-to-memory interfaces has been developed by Rambus Inc. The SoC has a 20 ­gigabits per second (Gbps) and can extend single-ended memory signaling to 12.8Gbps. ... more

Design & test for 3G/4G and LTE-advanced

A communications test and measurement solution for 3GPP LTE-Advanced, LTE,W-CDMA, HSPA+, E-EDGE (EDGE Evolution), has been developed by Agilent Technologies Inc. The commercial design support for the ... more

Hierarchical reference flow for Common Platform

A hierarchical RTL-to-GDSII reference flow for the Common Platform alliance’s 32/28-nanometer (nm) low-power process technology has been released by Magma Design Automation. The tool utilises the ... more

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