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EAO to showcase its new HMI applications at EDS

Human Machine Interface (HMI) specialist EAO will be using its participation at the Engineering Design Show 2019 to showcase its latest HMI switches, CAN bus keypads and rotary controllers. Visitors ... more

Corvina – the Industrial Cloud Solution for Panasonic HMIs

Corvina Cloud is a safe, Open VPN and SSL-based cloud solution that allows remote administration of industrial plants and equipment. Corvina Cloud serves as a platform which makes it easy for you to ... more

New cost-effective, high-end power connector available from Astute Electronics

Astute Electronics, franchised global distributor and procurement specialist, announces the Eclipse hybrid power connector from Positronic, a leading manufacturer of power connectors.

Renowned for ... more

Kontron launches Kontron Fusionclient

Scalable, robust, multi-touch HMI enables Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions for Smart Automation. Kontron announces Kontron FusionClient, its latest generation of powerful HMI solutions, a crucial part of Kontron’s IIoT ready Industrial Computer Platform family. more

ON Semiconductor’s BelaSigna R281 enables voice activation in portable devices

Mixed-Signal SoC sets new standards for ultra-low-power, always-listening voice trigger more

Schneider Electric announces new high performance HMI with smartphone-like navigation

ZTE chooses Lattice Semiconductor for feature differentiation and integration on Star 2 smartphone

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, presented Magelis GTU, the latest in the Magelis range of HMI solutions. Magelis GTU allows users to create the perfect HMI for their ... more
Lattice Semiconductor, a provider of customisable smart connectivity solutions, has announced its iCE40 LM FPGA has been integrated in the recently released ZTE Star 2 flagship smartphone to perform ... more

Introduction of EVE platforms supporting development of HMIs with capacitive touch

FTDI Chip has further enlarged the portfolio of development modules accompanying its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology - which has helped change how human machine interfaces (HMIs) are ... more

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