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RFID Reader family now also with W-LAN, 3G/4G (LTE) and Bluetooth

Published: 24 April 2018 - Sarah Mead

Auto ID with UHF RFID and sensor data form the basis for enhanced automation technology. But how does the information get into the ERP or the Cloud? Easily, with RFID solutions from HARTING: via W-LAN, 3G/4G (LTE) and a Bluetooth interface. 

Based on its own extremely robust MICA edge computing system, HARTING's new Ha-VIS RF-R3x0 RFID reader family sets the bar higher in terms of flexibility and interoperability. With M12 circular connectors and pressure-cast aluminum housing, these RFID readers leave nothing to be desired when it comes to robustness. Thanks to IP67 and a special product testing and approval procedure in the HARTING Group's certified and independent laboratory, there are no more obstacles to tool recognition by an injection-molding machine or platform detection in a tram system.

As an alternative to wired Ethernet communication, the reader family is also available with W-LAN 3G/4G (LTE) and a Bluetooth, making it even easier to integrate and use the UHF RFID technology in a wide range of applications. A wireless connection can now replace inconvenient Ethernet cabling in UHF RFID forklift applications, in train identification in a shunting yard or simply in retrofitting installed tracking and tracing solutions. Data can also be sent directly to the Cloud. LTE makes this possible without complicated integration in an end customer's existing IT infrastructure. Radio sensors can also be combined with RFID technology. For example, a simple brightness sensor in a production hall activates a RFID reader when a plant is in operation.

The flexible and open software concept used in the RF-R3x0 family makes this possible. More functions can be added, in the same way as they are to a smartphone. For RFID applications, the devices are already pre-set up. Depending on the application, the correct function can be activated, whether it is LLRP to connect to, for example, HARTING's GS1 certified middleware, OPC UA according to the OPC Foundation’s Companion Specification, modbus TCP for simple communication with existing control systems or the middleware for raw data processing embedded in the reader.

HARTING has made a significant enhancement to its range of robust and railway-tested UHF RFID readers with this family of readers. In total, with all the software and hardware configuration levels, HARTING now offers 14 different UHF RFID readers. Transponders, accessories and robust antennas range like WR24 antenna family round off the options available.


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