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Changing energy management, providing consumer freedom

Published: 12 March 2020 - Carly Wills

Puredrive Energy is launching its Virtual Power Plant (VPP), a digital control system that wirelessly connects the user with energy generators and energy storage systems across the UK. For both business and the domestic consumers, the Puredrive Energy VPP can monitor grid energy and, upon request from network operators and energy suppliers, can support the grid, providing grid services, generating revenue for the owner.

With the energy landscape rapidly changing, the VPP will put the consumer in control of their energy procurement and consumption, enabling them to make decisions as to where their energy comes from, and when and how their energy is consumed.

When the VPP is combined with the Puredrive battery storage system, a combination of energy savings and revenue generation opportunities are achieved. Battery storage systems draw power from the grid when tariffs are at their lowest, enabling the consumer to draw that power back when demand is at its highest. The modular Lithium-ion batteries from Puredrive is said to be able to save the consumer on average up to 70 per cent on the total cost of electricity when used in conjunction with solar panels.

Battery storage systems also include critical features such as UPS, protecting against power cuts and switching automatically to Off-Grid status within 20mS, enabling computers and servers to continue running, which is a big advantage for hospitals, care homes, hotels, and any other business with mission critical energy needs. Industrial batteries can also provide protection for businesses against blackouts, and power fluctuations in sensitive industrial scenarios.

Mark Millar, CEO of Puredrive explained, “With power-outs becoming more frequent, and the demand from electric vehicles increasing, the grid is under constant strain. In 2019 the grid reserves went down to three per cent because of increase in demand and a decrease in production. Our VPP, when coupled with our battery storage systems, offers a greater degree of flexibility that enables the consumer to take control of their energy, increasing their independence from the grid. The increase in demand from smart homes and smart cities will only increase the frequency of power-outs, unless the grid is ‘balanced’, and that is where the VPP can assist.”

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