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Energy efficiency firm urges businesses to take action on energy overspend

Published: 27 October 2015 - Lisa Peake

EFT Energy Consultants, a company that helps businesses make savings on their energy consumption, is urging SMEs to take action on the millions of pounds lost every year as a result of energy overspend, in light of recent research findings.

According to a recent analysis by the Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) scheme, small- and medium-sized office-based businesses in the UK are overspending by more than £82 million a year on their energy bills, due to inefficient technology and out-dated equipment.

The Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) scheme is a combined initiative between the Carbon Trust and Siemens Financial. The scheme viewed the energy expenditure of certain core industries to estimate their annual energy overspend. It was concluded prospective energy savings of over £414 million could be achieved annually by the UK’s service sector SMEs, if they were to invest in more energy efficient technologies. Of this amount, more than £82 million is represented by small- and medium-sized commercial office businesses.

The scheme’s findings are based on proprietary data and official sources, and looked at each sector’s energy use through examining elements including lighting, heating and hot water, cooling and ventilation, as well as other areas of energy consumption.

Chris Jenkins, Managing Director of EFT Energy Consultants said:

“This is startling data released by the Energy Efficiency Financing scheme and is a clear warning to businesses that they need to be proactive in the management of energy use in commercial buildings if they want to cut down on unnecessary expenditure. Even for those companies that have made efforts to run an energy efficient company, with technological advances, equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated to help further lower the costs associated with energy use, and so business leaders should aim to keep abreast of the latest energy saving equipment.

“I would encourage small- and medium-sized businesses, which often can’t compromise on any financial losses, to consult with energy efficiency consultants to help reduce money being lost as a result of poor or out-dated energy management systems and equipment. Not only can this assist in saving money, but it can also highlight businesses as being environmentally responsible.”

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