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Energy Management

How to deliver a low carbon Britain - company calls for renewable tax incentives

Britain has received strong international praise for its record in cutting carbon and easing emissions since the Paris agreement, but Keith Bastian, CEO of clean energy provider Outfox the Market, ... more

nVent adds BMS connectivity to next generation Raychem Elexant 450c heat tracing controller

nVent Electric, a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, today announced the addition of a Modbus communication protocol to its advanced, energy-efficient commercial heat-... more

On a mission – How Rebel Energy is setting out to make the green energy transition accessible to all

Fuel poverty affects 3.18 million households in England which means that one in eight families struggle to pay their fuel bills. It’s a hard-to-see social problem that wrecks lives, with low-income ... more

How MOFs will transform the energy transition

The developing climate crisis is alarming countries across the globe, and has forced an urgent response from major industrialised nations. In April 2020, President Biden vowed to cut US emissions by ... more

Reduce heat exchanger maintenance intervals with Watlow’s new HELIMAX ultra-efficient electric heat exchanger

Watlow, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, introduces its new HELIMAX ultra-efficient electric heat exchanger with Continuous Helical Flow Technology, which ... more

Sustainability will be the ‘most important residential development design issue’ over the next ten years

Outdoor heaters mean pubs with beer gardens could see energy bills soar

Amid the current UK multi-residential development boom, the majority of contractors and consultants claim sustainability will be the most important design issue over the next ten years, according to ... more
Pubs have been thriving since lockdown restrictions were lifted on April 12th, and outdoor heaters have been essential to keep punters flocking to the beer gardens. Research from Uswitch, however, ... more

The importance of International Standards to the industry in saving the planet

There is a growing awareness of the dire effects of global warming, and a requirement for everyone to play their part to save energy and improve our carbon footprint to halt global warming. In ... more

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