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Toyota Lexus UX and Lexus NX benefit from Toshiba's Visconti 4 processor

Toshiba's Visconti 4 image recognition processor has assisted Toyota - their Lexus UX and Lexus NX models - recorded excellent results as part of a government-sponsored programme to assess road ... more

ROHM Semiconductor targets the automotive market with new barrier diodes

ROHM has made an announcement - its 200V ultra-low IR Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) are ready to go to market, optimised for a sector that is currently peaking in interest: automotive, for ... more

Kioxia's latest automotive UFS pushes its memory capacities to 512GB

ADAS. Infotainment systems. Telematics. All part of the overarching wave of automotive technology heading straight for us. The systems powering these technologies are begging for extensions to their ... more

Machine learning algorithms help predict traffic headaches

Urban traffic roughly follows a periodic pattern associated with the typical “9 to 5” work schedule. However, when an accident happens, traffic patterns are disrupted. Designing accurate traffic flow ... more

Volkswagen and NXP cooperate on road safety technology

NXP Semiconductors has revealed the rollout of its life-saving RoadLINK V2X communication solution in the new Volkswagen Golf. The recently released Golf of the 8th generation is the first volume ... more

Green Hills Software's real-time operating system is available for investment

C2A Security and NXP collaborate on cybersecurity solutions for the automotive sector

Green Hills Software has announced the availability of the safe and secure Integrity real-time operating system (RTOS) and its integrated products/services for the Telemaco3P automotive processor, ... more
C2A Security today announced a comprehensive automotive security solution, developed in collaboration with NXP, utilising NXP Semiconductors’ secure CAN (Controller Area Network) transceivers to ... more

Pressure Compensation Seals from Schreiner ProTech protect automotive lighting systems

The diversity of emerging lighting technologies such as adaptive lighting systems, laser light and Matrix LED results in a growing demand for reliable and customized venting elements for vehicles. ... more

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