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Thermal Management & EMC

Timestrip's temperature and time indicators could help in this time of crisis

Timestrip is experiencing increased demand for its ‘smart indicator’ technology as the coronavirus outbreak triggers major testing programmes and renewed hygiene measures across the world. Timestrip’... more

How to protect compact electronic devices against thermal runaway with thermal fuses and shunt resistors

Compact design is one of today’s mantras when it comes to electronic devices. While this may be good news in terms of greater power density and better performance, the need to fit an increasing ... more

Certified thermographers courses throughout the UK

Thermal imaging cameras are becoming more intelligent and intuitive, allowing professionals across many industries to use thermal in a more efficient and safe manner. However, operator skill is still ... more

Parker Chomerics look to protect advanced automotive electronics from EMI

Chomerics Europe has launched the Premier PBT-250FR for EMI shielding in automotive applications. This new polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) plastic will come to the assistance of any design engineer ... more

IPetronik brings forward the M-TDC 8 thermo device

Omron launches new 100A relay, operating at low heat

With the new thermomodule M-TDC 8, IPetronik introduces its first thermo device with TDC (thermo direct connect) technology, which allows the plugless contacting of measuring point and module. The ... more
Omron is moving into the high power relay market with the launch of a new 100A device, which generates little heat as a result of ultra-low contact resistance. It's intended for distribution power ... more

Sono-Tek's FlexiCoat EMI hopes to prevent EMI

Sono-Tek Corporation announces the release of a new ultrasonic coating system, the FlexiCoat EMI, specifically designed for conformal spraying of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding material ... more

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