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Keeping cool

Designed to deliver cooling to sensitive electronics within enclosures, Pentair Technical Products has introduced its SPECTRACOOL Indoor and Outdoor Air Conditioners. Suitable for a variety of ... more

Solutions for when the heat is on

Schroff has launched a new air/water heat exchanger capable of removing up to 40kW of waste heat per cabinet, enabling increased server density of high performance blades without the risk of local ... more

Protection for field instrumentation

A new range of insulated outdoor enclosures has been introduced by Intertec to offer environmental protection for larger scale instrumentation installations. The BASIC VARIO range of wall or floor ... more

New range keeps options open

A new range of non-metallic enclosures has been introduced by HellermanTyton which incorporate a variety of materials and IP ratings. First in the range is the CA range of reinforced polyester ... more

Ensuring correct specification in hazardous area applications

In order to guarantee safety in hazardous areas, all possible sources of ignition must be eliminated, or flammable gases must be kept away from potential sources of ignition. Transportation, energy, ... more

Multi-purpose metal range

Contactum has introduced a new range of metal enclosures that have been certified to IP65 and are designed for multi-application use. Key features of the range are durability and protection against ... more

Providing the MIDAS touch

Pentair Technical Products has announced that the Schroff brand of MIDAS cabinets has recently gone through a redesign. Housing various 19” or 23” rack mount equipment, the MIDAS range features a ... more

A simple and fast marking system

A new printing system for terminals, cables, conductors and equipment has been introduced by Phoenix Contact. The new Thermomark Line comprises two thermal transfer printers and a laptop on which the ... more
Cables & Accessories

Broadcasting to a global audience

The newly built International Broadcast Centre in Stratford, East London, will be a central hub for the world’s media during next year’s Olympic Games. Electrical power for the centre will be ... more
Cables & Accessories

Control at your finger tips

The design of Marechal’s decontactor socket allows separation of a plug and socket with just one finger, thus eliminating the unsatisfactory situation where plugs have to be wiggled and tugged out of ... more
Cables & Accessories

Meeting military requirements

A new range of plugs and sockets designed for military applications has been introduced by CEE Norm. The products are offered in military style ‘green’ (RAL 6031-FP), and cover currents from 16A to ... more
Cables & Accessories

Enabling more complex signals

Binder has recently introduced a male panel mount version of its range of 12-pole M12 connectors. Historically the M12 connector was restricted to simple digital switching functions. However, Binder ... more
Cables & Accessories

Connectors with IP67 sealing

Molex has launched its new Brad Micro-Change M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) connector that combines Cat 5e data speed and power supply. The combination of the power and data lines in one M12 ... more
Cables & Accessories

Specification must be thorough

Colin Legg, marketing manager for Flexicon, stresses that when it comes to protecting cabling, corners should not be cut - highlighting the need for a thorough risk appraisal and to select the ... more
Cables & Accessories

Trunking for a faster finish

Newey & Eyre has added a new range of cable trunking with a faster fitting lid to its Newlec brand, helping installers to save time on electrical installations. Available in three metre lengths, ... more
Cables & Accessories

Providing safer vertical movement

igus UK has recently launched its new Guidelok Slimline (SL), a system designed to safely guide cables at heights up to 262ft.Guidelok SL is designed for vertical energy chain applications, such as ... more
Cables & Accessories

New patch panel for use in structured cabling networks

Harting has developed a patch panel based on its Ha-VIS preLink(R) cabling system especially for use in the structured cabling of industrial and special buildings.The new Ha-VIS preLink HIFF (Harting ... more
Cables & Accessories

New website goes live

FS Cables has launched a new website that contains full technical specifications for the company’s entire cable range including weights, sizes and electrical data. This new online resource has been ... more
Cables & Accessories

Printed cable reel offers increased cost control

Manufacturer of copper electrical building wire and cable, Cerro Wire LLC, has launched its True Sequential Footage sequentially printed cable reel that helps improve the accuracy of wire lengths, ... more
Cables & Accessories

Further options added to CombiTac

Multi-Contact has added high current options to its CombiTac connector system. The standard module size contact carriers can be fitted with one or more poles with current ratings as high as 292A.The ... more
Cables & Accessories

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