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Power Continuity Data Centre all under one umbrella

How deep is your love? Data centres have a sell by date by which is when ‘upgrades’ need to take place. Love it or loath it, the infrastructure of a data centre does require replacement with new ... more

The effects of digital transformation on data centres

Data centres are no longer just simple storage facilities of bytes and bits. They’ve been completely transformed over the past two decades, making them more suitable for the demands of the modern-day ... more

Stratus Unveils Edge Computing Strategy

With more than 90 percent of industrial companies wanting a simplified edge infrastructure that can be remotely managed, Stratus Technologies, a global leader in continuous availability solutions for ... more

Vertiv anticipates advent of Gen 4 Data Centre in look ahead to 2018 Trends

The next-generation data centre will exist beyond walls, seamlessly integrating core facilities with a more intelligent, mission-critical edge of network. These Gen 4 data centres are emerging and ... more

Applying ‘sticky plasters’ to your legacy data centre

DCD>Zettastructure to explore the future of enterprise IT as organisations grapple with aging infrastructure amidst the explosion of digital services on 7-8 November at the Old Billingsgate in ... more

Five critical signs for data centre operations

Infomart Dallas announces newly commissioned private data center suite

As the demand to do more with less continues, data centres are under increasing pressure to deliver new levels of efficiency, while reducing operating expenses. Here Cindy Monstream at Legrand talks ... more
New Private Suite Provides Over 4,600 Sq. Ft. of Colocation Space and Instant Carrier Accessibility With $0 Monthly Cross-Connect Fees via the Building Meet-Me Room

Infomart Data Centers, a ... more

Advent of 5G must coincide with an even stronger focus on sustainability to avoid escalation in ICT carbon footprint

Whilst 5G is set to bring a range of benefits to business consumers, it will also increase the capacity to create and transfer more data than ever, and without a more significant move to sustainable ... more

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