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Nick Ellins named honorary fellow

Published: 6 June 2019 - Carly Wills

The Institution of Primary Engineers and The Institution of Secondary Engineers has named Nick Ellins, CEO of Energy & Utility Skills as its first honorary fellow in the energy and utilities sector.

The Institutions, launched at the House of Lords on 17 May, set out to continue the work of Dr Susan Scurlock MBE, who’s Primary Engineer organisation currently utilises a range of programmes to engage with over 60,000 pupils across the UK and over 4,000 teachers from primary schools upwards. Continuing with her goal of inspiring all children with engineering, the institutions provide a framework to develop skills, aspirations and experiences that will highlight engineering careers from the earliest point in primary school.

As part of this step forward for the industrial sector, the institutions have started to identify and engage with leaders in the core sectors to extend their reach and encourage more firms within the area to follow suit and get involved in developing these ‘engineers in the making’.

Nick Ellins said: “I am proud to be welcomed as an honorary fellow of these two Institutions which show so much promise to the young people going through our education system. Primary Engineer and Energy & Utilities Skills have formed an alliance which is fully committed to helping school children to engage with engineering in fresh and innovative ways, and to connect them with employers that will truly value and nurture their abilities for the future. Energy & Utilities Skills is in this for the long-haul we are working to ensure the future of UK infrastructure by helping employers attract, develop and retain a skilled workforce.”

With such a commitment to the UK utilities sector, which provides essential services to 65 million people, the institutions are set to provide the country with a talent pool of highly-skilled critical thinking individuals.

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