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Power Continuity Power Protection Solutions

Published: 4 September 2019 - Carly Wills

Power Continuity provides power protection solutions for all critical business operations that require absolutely no break power protection solutions, 24 hours a day.

All Power Continuity installations are automatically activated in the event of a grid failure, providing seamless emergency power to ensure that operations continue without any power disruption.

Power Continuity will also prevent damage to equipment caused by sudden voltage drop and power outages that mess up production lines caused by power surge spikes, that ‘knock out’ software and robotics lines. 

Daily, we live with the risk of lost production, crashed servers, corrupted data, burnt out inverters, transformer failure, grid overload and harmonic distortion.

Power Continuity engineers will prevent power outage disruption forever.

How is that done? By installing a Power Continuity fully automatic no break power supply system. Firstly, the company carries out a detailed power survey to identify the power risks, then secondly, it designs an automatic, fully installed Power Continuity System from the ground up, to ensure that after installation, external power outages will never again cause a site operational issues. 

True no break power protection kicks in automatically to prevent any loss of production, and Power Continuity will also eliminate all disruption caused by random power dips and over voltages, as well as undervoltages. All these power issues continue to plague production and distribution centres across the UK. The company says that the more wind power is produced, the more random outages will occur, so it is urging businesses to get protected now.

With Power Continuity no break power protection installed, customers benefit from:

Eliminated power dips
Happen regularly, but Power Continuity is able to stamp these out forever.

Eliminated brown outs 
Yes, they happen too - especially during the coming winter months. These have the same impact as power dips and can be prevented by Power Continuity.  

Eliminated over and under voltage
Even momentary over voltage will knock out machinery, inverters and robots. Power Continuity can eliminate these power outages too. 

Power Continuity can ensure true no break power for production facilities, data centres, laboratories or aerospace facilities, by designing a bespoke Power Continuity system to protect A Feeds and B Feeds. 

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