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UK Manufacturer – Harland Simon UPS – launches own ‘Power Solutions’ range ProtectUPS

Published: 3 December 2018 - Sarah Mead

Harland Simon UPS has been unveiling its latest range of rugged uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems – Harland ProtectUPS for harsher applications across many industry sectors.

Specifically designed and manufactured to provide uninterrupted power to support critical applications in harsh conditions the new Harland ProtectUPS is a range of rugged power protection systems either with ingress protection up to IP54 or with a higher level of ruggedisation with a range of power levels, to meet with most applications.

The company has been supplying AC and DC UPS systems and power solutions for 20 years and is widely recognised for supplying high end products, but having identified a void in the market from the main UPS OEM’s where rugged, protected, affordable and shorter lead-time products were not available decided to invest in R&D to come up with the ProtectUPS

It won’t stop there - Harland Simon UPS LTD will continue to explore new markets with further R&D activities, often in partnership with their customers, utilising new li-ion battery technology for portable power/light weight UPS solutions.

Visitors to the Harland Simon Power Solutions web site will be able to find out more about the new Harland ProtectUPS range, which offers solutions for Industrial (Water WIMES/ Power), Defence, Transport & Marine applications (MTA 1-10KVA has achieved DNV certification)

The Harland ProtectUPS incorporates special features and modifications using rugged, commercially available modules and components that are supported worldwide and designed to be fully field replaceable with readily available form- fit-function alternatives.

Providing extremely long life and easy customer maintenance, the range is backed up by Harland Simon’s worldwide support, delivered through its team of specialist engineers. For more information on the new HarlandProtectUPS and its existing range of solutions, visit the Harland Simon UPS web site or call – 01908 565656.

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