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Unitrunk secures CIBSE approval for materials selection CPD

Published: 11 March 2019 - Sarah Mead

Cable management specialist, Unitrunk, has secured CIBSE approval for its recently launched CPD presentation, which focuses on the importance of material selection in ensuring a cable management infrastructure that answers performance, service life and cost criteria.

Entitled ‘Understanding the Materials Selection Process’, the CIBSE accredited presentation is the latest in a series of CPDs from Unitrunk, reiterating the company’s reputation for training and best practice. Unitrunk already works with colleges to provide cable management sessions for trainee electrical installers and delivers training for electrical contractors both on site and within the company’s dedicated training suite. The materials selection CPD is designed for both building services consultants and electrical installers to help them understand the benefits and limitations of different cable management materials and specify the right system to answer the needs of the project.

The CPD outlines the criteria that specifiers need to consider when selecting cable management, such as whether the system will be installed indoors or outside, in a coastal or corrosive environment.  The presentation explores corrosion rates for zinc and provides a corrosion map of the UK, highlighting the locations where the durability and service life of the system are most at risk.

It also explains the difference in galvanising processes used for each system type, explaining how each type of metal finish is formed and clearing up ambiguities in common definitions that can lead to incorrect specification.

Finally the presentation outlines common sources of corrosion, including white rust, bi-metallic corrosion and zinc whiskers, before summarising the commercial and practical benefits of each type of finish.

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