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Targeting the medical sector

With innovative solutions from Molex and Murata, TTI’s Andy Kerr and John Sandy look at connectors and passives for imaging, monitoring and patient care.The availability of basic healthcare and ... more

Executive optional extras

David Harding, Product Manager at BVM explores the virtues of a fully featured touchscreen PC in your car dashboard and how this is shaping the driver experienceComputers have now become commonplace. ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

New gyro for in-dash vehicle navigation

A new 2000 inclined gyro, focused on the growing in-dash vehicle navigation market, has been added to Silicon Sensing's PinPoint precision navigation and pointing MEMS gyroscope range.The new CRM120 ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

New MCUs with enhanced Real-Time

A new family of 16-bit MCUs has been added by Renesas Electronics to its RL78 microcontroller (MCU) range.The new RL78/G14 group of MCUs is ideal for a number of applications, including household ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

Location and connectivity triumvirate

A SiRFstarIV architecture GPS device, optimised to address the more demanding needs of the auto industry has been developed by CSR plc. The CSR8311 is an advanced Bluetooth HCI device that delivers ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

New high performance 32-bit MCU

A new MCU with high-performance graphics and network functionalities is now available from MSC. The SH7734 32-bit SuperH microcontroller (MCU), developed by Renesas Electronics, features an Open VG ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

New sound enhancing audio driver IC

International Rectifier has launched its IRS2052M 2-Channel Class D Audio IC for high performance home theatre ­systems and car audio amplifiers. The new 200 V device integrates two channels into a ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

New enhanced controller for touch

A new feature has been developed by Cypress Semiconductor Corp. for its TrueTouch touchscreen controllers, that offers the benefits of capacitive touchscreens at resistive touchscreen costs.This ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

Micro PMIC for Li-Ion battery

A power management integrated circuit (PMIC) designed specifically for portable devices, powered by a single-cell Li-Ion battery has been released by Austriamicrosystems. The AS3605 integrates seven ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

Location sensor

A complete hardware solution for advanced sensing applications with 10 degrees of freedom (DoF) has been developed by STMicroelectronics. The set of three thin, high-performance MEMS sensors provide ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

Industrial multi touch screen

Multi-touch screen overlays with gesture capability, released by MSC Gleichmann from sister company TRS Star is a range of standard, off the shelf and custom design projected capacitive touch ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

LED display technology comes of age

Harry Filer, Managing Director of Messagemaker Displays, takes a look at how key drivers such as improved performance and reduced cost are renewing interest in LED technology, pushing adoption ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

Enhanced embedded-touch performance

The second-generation STMTouch firmware from STMicroelectronics now supports over 200 STM8 part numbers, including the company’s STM8S family and the STM8L, featuring ultra-low-power EnergyLite ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

Hall-sensor IC for 360° navigation

A new contactless magnetic encoder IC has been released by austriamicrosystems. The AS5013 monitors the displacement of a magnet incorporated in a knob relative to its centre position and provides x ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

Video SerDes transceiver for auto rear view safety

A new Serialiser/Deserialiser (SerDes) interface IC targeting automotive rear view safety systems has been developed by Intersil Corporation. The single chip transceiver solution simplifies system ... more
Displays & User Interfaces

USB data security: A problem solved

Danny Bradbury, Freelance Author for Enova, investigates how building encryption technology directly into USB protocol stacks at a hardware level can drastically mitigate data loss and compliance ... more
Communications & Networks

Quad and dual-channel amplifiers

A pair of quad and dual-channel, digital variable gain amplifiers (DVGA) that enable higher-performance wideband radio ­systems have been developed by National Semiconductor. The DVGAs provide good ­... more
Communications & Networks

Embedded module enables serial Wi-Fi networking

An embedded module that enables low power, serial-to-Wi-Fi networking has been released by Digi International. The device has a common footprint and application programming interface (API) that ... more
Communications & Networks

High quality multi-channel, multi-room wireless HDTV gateway

An advanced multi-channel, multi-room HDTV over Wi-Fi gateway is being launched by ProVision Communication Technologies and Zenverge. The device is based on a four times HD advanced media codec and ... more
Communications & Networks

New technology cuts phase noise in wireless ICs

Noise reduction technology has been developed by Toshiba Corporation that reduces jitter in radio-frequency signals, cutting phase noise by up to 90 percent. This enables a further migration to high-... more
Communications & Networks

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