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Reader Q&A session in collaboration with Farnell element14, Panasonic engineers 

21 January 2014 11:25:00 Categories: Comment news

In collaboration with Farnell element14, Panasonic engineers Jing Liu and Christian Gellmann will be answering questions around the use of polymer capacitors. Liu and Gellmann are on hand to help you overcome any obstacle you might have with a specific project or answer more generic question about polymers.

For example, what effect does humidity have on the life of the polymer capacitors? What polymer capacitors are suitable for high-end audio gear? How does Panasonic Polymer Capacitors compare to Sanyo OSCON capacitors overall and over temp?

15 questions will be answered and published on in February 2014."

The forum is open so submit your question now.












Michelle WinnyMichelle Winny

With a combination of news, products and feature articles, Michelle provides up-to-wire commentary on new technology and legislation. Coupled with in depth coverage for specifiers and purchasers of electronic components and equipment, Michelle brings everything within the electronics market directly to her readers.