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A different kind of connector company

29 May 2020
Although now supplying OEM's in most market sectors, ODU were originally best known in the UK for their miniature military push-pull connectors.
The ODU-AMC® [Advanced Military Connector] series was developed to equip the ground-based combat soldier with integrated high-technology, linked to an array of battlefield information.
The range includes numerous high-density signal configurations, matching all data protocols with transfer rates up to 14.4Gb/s and also versions for combined signal & power up to 15A - all in a very compact package, with a high-performance spec:
5,000 mating cycles, push-pull lock or break-away,  watertight to IP 68 / IP 69, optimised mechanical & colour coding, highly reliable 360° shielding, operating at  -51°C to +125°C, salt spray resistance.
But it’s not just technology for the military

Whilst ODU undoubtedly established its pedigree in the military market, it has not been slow to transfer technology and lessons-learned and now supplies connector solutions to many other markets, such as medical equipment, instrumentation, factory automation & robotics etc.
In addition to their push-pull connectors, a range of modular, rectangular industrial connectors, the ODU-MAC® is available in several formats, incorporating signal, data, coax, power, fibre-optic & fluidic contacts, as standard connectors or as complex custom sub-assemblies.

ODU have used their experience to develop into a true ‘problem-solving’ connector manufacturer, working closely with their OEM customers to develop both connectors and packaging, so as to provide cost-effective solutions to the problems of modern-day electronics.
As suppliers, given the complete picture, we can better understand our role in meeting your technology requirements, both now and in the future.
But, better than that, given the opportunity, we can usually come up with proposals that will add immediate value to both businesses.
The shared objective being more supply-chain responsibility and profit for us, with reduced overall costs and more profit for yourselves – that’s a true partnership.          
So how does this work? Let’s look at a couple of examples.
First case – a medical equipment manufacturer needed a connector, in fairly large quantities, that was sealed and had ‘snatch’ capability - of course, it also needed to be both smaller and more economical than anything else that they had come across!
They were originally looking at standard push-pull medical connectors, such as the ODU MEDI-SNAP®, which allows for various insulators and has 2 to14 contacts.
But even this very small push-pull medical connector was seen as too large and too expensive – so it quickly became clear that the answer was to develop a customized connector.
This connector, with 6 contact positions, consists of just one moulded part – incorporating housing, strain relief, bend protection and sealing.
Result: Space envelope reduced by 50% and installed cost reduced by 75%
ODU also offer in-house high-quality silicone over-moulding, which can be used in a range of applications, from MRI machines to endoscopy devices. As autoclavability and flexible handling are very important in the sterile medical sector, so cable bend reliefs, over-mouldings and other options are available in our complete solutions.
Second case - a major test equipment manufacturer had encountered technical and quality  problems whilst trying to take substantial costs out of a new design, which needed bulk-head connectors to handle mixed-signals.
The solution was for ODU to provide two sub-assemblies for the equipment, each incorporating a custom insert for a standard push-pull connector.
This insert has two central coax contacts, with flying leads, to handle high-frequency signals and a further 16 signal contacts mounted onto a small PCB, with a section of flex-foil ending in an SMT connector to the main PCB.

Result: Technical problems solved and assembly time minimised, producing considerable cost savings
In both of these examples, it was the experience and expertise of ODU design engineers which produced a cost-effective solution for the customer.
However, ideas like these can only come about when we work together as equal partners.                 
Suppliers such as ourselves are experts in what we do, as such we are a resource that should be more fully utilised in these lean times – so get in touch.

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