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Conrad Business Supplies introduces improved VOLTCRAFT Gamma-Check-Pro Geiger counter

Published: 5 February 2016 - Lisa Peake

Designed in-house by Conrad, new device provides an enhanced user experience, data logging and functionality with simultaneous dosing, pulse rate and pulse counting measurement

Conrad Business Supplies has introduced a new Geiger counter to complement its growing selection of radiation detection and measurement equipment. The improved VOLTCRAFT Gamma-Check-Pro provides a fast and easy method of detecting and measuring radioactivity with both sound and visual indications to inform the user when freely selected thresholds are exceeded. Ideal for use by scientists, technicians and others who might wish to detect and assess levels of radiation in a given area, the device was developed in-house by the Conrad Technology Centrum (CTC) and joins the growing range of VOLTCRAFT power management, measurement and detection equipment.

Key areas where the Gamma-Check-Pro has been improved include a new distinct LCD interface, which uses easily identifiable symbols and values, a real-time clock with automatic leap year and daylight saving. In addition, mini-USB port provides more convenient charging of the in-build Li-ion rechargeable battery and connectivity. The device can also be used as a dosimeter, measuring dose pulses and pulse rates as well as pulse counting either individually or in a sequence. These measurements can be taken over a duration ranging from one minute up to 100 days. Measuring a duration of 10,000 days is also possible.

This latest Geiger counter now also allows the connection to a PC for exporting data. Using the free GAMMA Check Pro software suite, it is possible to edit and export data sets, either directly to Microsoft Excel or to a CSV file. The device’s internal data log possess an adjustable sampling rate that can be set to “replenish” or on “continuous”.

A display signals the current memory utilization. The device also offers expansion and management features, while working away from a computer.

Thomas Pilhofer, Product Manager, Category Business Supplies commented: “This latest Geiger counter from VOLTCRAFT provides an improved, easy-to-use device for customers working in a variety of specialist industries. Joining our range of over 70 different radiation detection and measurement devices, we think it will appeal to those who want a professional grade Geiger counter, with strong connectivity options at an affordable price point.”

Source: Electronics

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