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Farnell element14 is Europe’s number one for Panasonic sales

Published: 19 June 2015 - Marianne Evans
Farnell element14 has become Panasonic’s biggest high service distributor in Europe for sales for its financial year ending March 2015.
Farnell element14’s sales growth with Panasonic has been driven by close partnership with this key supplier in the areas of product, sales and marketing. Throughout the year Farnell element14 has further strengthened the Panasonic products portfolio and implemented a number of sales and marketing programs that clearly contributed to the achieved revenue growth.
Service and proposition elements such as the next day delivery, being first to market with Panasonic new products and technologies and operational excellence contributed to Farnell element14 achieving this position in a highly competitive market. Farnell element14 has also seen increased demand for production quantities and its ability to supply components in full reels, to offer full traceability of products and additional value-add services have been recognised by its OEM and CEM customers contributing to the growth with Panasonic.
Jesper Rasmussen, global product director, Passives at Premier Farnell, said: “I am delighted to see that our joint efforts and continued focus on Panasonic have let us achieve outstanding sales growth and therefore have made Farnell element14 the biggest Panasonic high service distributor in Europe. We will work hard to continue to deliver value to our customers and to offer them access to the newest Panasonic products at competitive prices to let them stay ahead of the market expectations and competition.”
Maximilian Jakob, distribution director at Panasonic said: “Farnell element14 has been a partner for Panasonic for over 20 years, they have continued to invest in our industrial product offering year after year currently stocking over 20,000 lines from passives, electromechanical, semiconductors, batteries and recently added sensors
“Farnell element14’s sales growth in FY14/15 has been fantastic; this has been driven by their investment in full reels for commodity technology and in new technologies such as Panasonic thermal management, Bluetooth modules and Panasonic grid eye sensor which is coming very soon.
“Farnell element14’s willingness to stock the latest technology for Panasonic customers is a key reason why they are a strategic distributor in Europe for Panasonic.”
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