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German components distribution keeps growing

Published: 26 November 2015 - Lisa Peake

According to FBDi e.V. German electronics components distribution market grew by 9.8% in Q3/2015. Solid bookings point towards a healthy year.

The German electronics components distribution market was again able to gain grounds in the third quarter of 2015. The quarterly turnover of the FBDi-member companies rose by 9.8% to 830 Mio. Euro – the highest ever recorded. Bookings rose by 8.5% to 809 Mio. Euro. Accordingly, the first nine months of 2015 show a positive picture: Turnover of all components have increased by 5.2% to almost 2.4 Billion Euro, bookings rose by 6.4% to also almost 2.4 Billion Euro.
Technologies reported by the FBDI showed substantial differences in quarterly growth: While semiconductors grew by 7.2% to 1.67 Billion Euro during the first three quarters, the sales of passive components declined by 0.4% to 331 Mio. Euro and electromechanic components sales decreased by 2.6% to 232 Mio. Euro. This had, however, very little impact on the weighting of technologies – with 70% share, semiconductors remain the strongest force in the market, followed by passive components with almost 14% and electromechanical with almost 10%. Displays could achieve a measurable increase to a 

share of 3.2%, so did power supplies with 2.4%. Both have grown at double-digits.   
FBDi-Chairman of the board, Georg Steinberger: "After nine months the overall situation is impressively stable, with semiconductors growing nicely and passive and electromechanical components returning to a positive trend. Figures for 2015 are clearly influenced by exchange rate effects between Euro and US-Dollar, which at least for semiconductors amounts to 50% of the overall growth.”
For the rest of 2015, Steinberger expects a solid single-digit growth of approx. 5%. But for the mid-term, the situation could change: “At the moment we are concerned about the development of the German automotive industry. The VW scandal may have substantial impact on the supply chain and thus, also on the electronics industry. Also, the slower growth in China is likely to hit the export oriented German high-tech industry.” On the other hand the electronics industry should benefit from innovation around industry 4.0 (‘smart industry’) and Internet of Things (IoT). “Distribution is here perfectly positioned as a technical and logistic partner.”
Source: Electronics

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