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High-reliability connectors offer durability in extreme conditions

A new high-reliability connector family based on a 1.25mm pitch has been released by Harwin. The company’s new ‘Gecko’ connectors include the low profile G125 series connectors and are designed to ... more

New connector with space economising design

A compact DIN 41612 type 3C crimp female cable connector has been released by Harting for use with smaller printed circuit boards or sub-assemblies.The new connector is designed for simplicity with ... more

The connector and medical devices of the future

Gavin Mintern, Sales Director at Intelliconnect (Europe) explores the evolution of RF wireless and interconnection technology in the medical industryAlong with many everyday pieces of equipment from ... more

Connecting across Industry

Kevin Canham at Harting explores breaking technologies in connectivity for the smart network infrastructure and how they are shaping the futureConnectivity in industry is based on three ‘lifelines’ - ... more

Powerful Contacts

Jonathan Beach, European Director of Product Management at ITT ­Interconnect Systems explores the advances of interconnect ­solutions that are emerging in response to the demands of Mil/Aero system ... more

Straight D-sub surface-mount connectors with a twist

A range of straight D-Sub surface-mount connectors has been released by Harting, that join the company’s existing range of angled products.Design features have been added to the devices to ensure ... more

Push-pull coupling connectors with added features for signal and data applications

The latest generation of connectors has been added by Bulgin to the company’s existing rugged Buccaneer range of devices, enabling greater flexibility in systems design.The new range is the Buccaneer ... more

Linked-in with polymer fibre cable ranges

Interference-free data transmission is an important aspect where communication links must be carefully considered. Taking up the challenges and responding to industry demand, OMC, a pioneer in ... more

What, where and why? of wiring

Terry Fidgett, Director of Concordia Technologies explores the challenge of retaining the quality and safety of new cabling products in today's challenging economic times and how these requirements ... more

Battling with skills shortages

Skills shortages in the electronics industry is a growing problem, here Michelle Winny, Editor of Electronics visits distributor Aerco to uncover the complexities of a continually evolving industry ... more

EMC-protected field cabling with hybrid-multiport distributors

New Multiport distribution technology has been developed by Phoenix Contact that offers interference-free data cabling using Profinet or Ethernet in industrial environments. The combination of both ... more

Sweet sixteen on the open road

David Phillips, Managing Director of Binder UK, offers an insight into the growth in popularity of M16 connectors and how they are ‘driving’ forward.From humble origins in the audio industry some 50 ... more

Making a connection 30 years on

Peter Hannon, Managing Director at Harting explores how the evolution of ­connectivity is driving the industry forward to meet new challenges.In the electronics sector, speed and ease of connectivity ... more

Shorting the market ...

Garry Myatt, Marketing Director at eXception Group discusses how the printed circuit board industry has fared during the downturn and why the sector is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ... more

Spring Fingers give a helping hand to auto placement

PCB hardware product ranges from Harwin have just got bigger with the introduction of nine new EZ-Spring Contacts.Also known as Spring Fingers or Grounding Contacts, these devices are designed for ... more

For a society always on the move ...

Roberta Rebora, Marketing Director at Hypertac Europe, explores the latest ­technology options for supporting the growing trends in miniature, safer and lighter weight interconnect solutions within ... more

New rugged waterproof connectors

A range of multi-pin waterproof connectors has been developed by Intelliconnect (Europe). The devices are available with 4 to 14 connecting pins. The 4-way connectors work along-side commonly used ... more

Industrial grade USB isolators

USB isolators have been developed by B&B Electronics to isolate and protect connected equipment from surges, spikes and electrostatic discharges carried on the USB cable. The new one- and two-... more

CA-bayonet connectors ideal for rail applications

A series of versatile and highly reliable CA-Bayonet connector from ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS) have been released. The devices feature a positive quarter turn bayonet locking mechanism, ... more

Flip-type connectors for FFC/FPC applications

A series of flip-type ZIF plug connectors for FFC/FPC have been released by Yamaichi Electronics.The HF601 series is a zero-force FFC connector with a pitch of 0.5mm, which provides a large number of ... more

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