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IPETRONIK extends analysis functions of their data acquisition software IPEmotion

Published: 14 January 2016 - Lisa Peake

With the IPEmotion Release 2015 R3, IPETRONIK provides extensive enhancements in the field of data analysis.

Now, the offline classification is also supporting the following 2D classification operations: From To Count, Transition Matrix, Rainflow, Sample Count and Time At Level. Furthermore, the analysis tool box was complemented by a new polar diagram, a classification table and an option for offline video synchronization. Additionally, the reporting includes new functions for creating different report pages and an extension of the scripting functions.

The latest analysis instruments: Classification table and polar diagram

For graphical analysis, a classification table and a new polar diagram are now available. The table is able to display the calculation results of the new 2D classification operations and allows further analysis. The polar diagram extends the analysis scope to applications, which are acquired not time-based but angle-based. Angle-based measurements are mainly performed to measure the ignition and injection behavior via the crankshaft rotation or to analyze vibrations at propellers or turbines. With the functional extensions, IPEmotion is now able to execute durability tests of certain components in a very efficient way.

New reporting functions

An individual template can be created for each report page during the report creation. This does not only include the selection of the format but also the structuring of the header and footer line. Furthermore, the scripting functions have also been extended, enabling the user to access the single value calculation results of the statistics analysis operation.

IPEconnect – Integrated display solution for data loggers

The IPEmotion Release 2015 R3 provides the user an integrated display system for measuring data visualization on a tablet. This system is based on the proven IPEhub2 technology. The IPEhub2 will be connected to the data logger via a connection cable, whereupon the device provides a WiFi access point for the tablet. In only one step the user can now configure the app display as well as the data logger via IPEmotion. In the following start of 

the app, the online measurement data visualization is already configured and operational. By its initial setup process and automatic connection the system offers the highest comfort for the user.

This video provides an overview of the current IPEmotion release.

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