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Mouser hails Q4 2013 as “all-time record months for European quarter performance”

Published: 11 December 2013 - Michelle Winny

For component distributor, Mouser Electronics, 2013 has been a good year as it claims to have “outstripped” the general distribution market in Europe. The company advises it expects to achieve year-on-year revenue growth figures of above 30 percent. It adds that so far Q4 -2013 is proving to be its best quarter and claims it is enjoying its best ever European quarter performance and September, October and November were all-time record months.

The company advises it has been “aggressively”  focusing on growth plans positioning itself for further significant European growth in 2014.

European Marketing Director, Graham Maggs said: Here in Europe we are well ahead of our revenue targets and have grown our customer base by over 30 percent with new business coming from every industry sector.

Maggs continues: “Semiconductors now represent over 40 percent of our sales, and, importantly, we have seen an 11 percent increase in the sales of parts that were introduced by the manufacturer in the last 12 months (NPI sales).  These facts lead to the conclusion that we are now accepted as the design-fulfillment distributor of choice and go–to place for Newest Components.”

In order to service this increased business, the distributor plans to expand its resources at its European headquarters in Munich with the addition of more people who will concentrate on delivering focused technical content.  Maggs advises: “We must deliver the right information for design engineers, providing solutions-based material. That means that we must understand the customer’s business, and supply not only relevant applications and product information, but also provide details of the design ecosystem – to include software development system, development kits etc – as well as the myriad of other supporting power, inductive, passive and e/mech components that will complete his specific design.”

The company’s team in Munich will also continue to develop leading-edge eCommerce solutions. Maggs adds: “ECommerce impacts hugely on our business. We have invested heavily in our website: this year, for example, we developed a unique and market leading BOM tool and further improved our Search Accelerator to speed up the complex and critical process of building BOMs.”

Mouser’s advises its  intelligent BOM tool enables users to set preferences and maintain their own formatting.  It also features in-built Part Resolution Intelligence so users can find parts quickly even without full part numbers.  Status information on parts – price, stock, lead time, RoHS compliance – is also included, and alternative parts can be quickly and easily identified and ordered.

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