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New ‘low profile’ Panasonic 16A relay DW-HL

Published: 30 June 2016 - Sarah Mead

The new Panasonic DW-HL power relay is a ‘low-profile’ version of the 16A latching type DW-H relay. The height has been reduced by 15% to just 15.8mm. This makes the relay perfectly suited for building automation and the new market Internet of Things (IoT).

The new DW-HL relay reliably switches 25,000 times inrush currents of 117A at 240V AC according to TV-8 rating and rated switching capacities of 16A/277V AC. The relay complements Panasonic's existing portfolio of latching type power relays in the building automation industry.

Advantageous when considering design-in are the relay's 6mm creepage and clearance distance between contact and coil and its impressive breakdown voltage of 6kV between contact and coil. The surge withstand voltage here is a remarkable 12kV.

Its compact design (24mm x 10mm x 15.8mm (LxWxH)) and low coil power dissipation of 200mW for the 1 coil latching type or 400mW for the 2 coil latching type make this relay extremely attractive for many applications.

It is optimally suited for applications such as smart switches, smart sockets, or in-wall applications. The DW-HL relay is the perfect actuator for reliable switching of loads in bus systems as the KNX bus, LED and halogen lighting systems, shutter motors, solenoid valves, and other electrical equipment. In addition, for battery-driven or KNX applications as well as PDUs (power distribution units) the relay offers very sensitive coil operation.

Industry Connections: Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd

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