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Opto-electronic active connector series by Glenair now available from Aerco

17 July 2018

Glenair’s new range of harsh environment opto-electronic active connectors provide connectivity and media conversion between the electrical and optical domains.

Meeting the need for ruggedised photonic packaging in commercial and military aerospace systems and other harsh environments, as well as increased focus on reduced weight and small form-factor technologies, Glenair has developed a revolutionary new opto-electronic product series of active multi-channel receptacle connectors. These incorporate integrated transceiver technology and provide support for Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, SMPTE HD/3G SDI and HDMI video, as well as many high-speed data transfer protocols such as SFPDP, AFDX and sRIO.

Leveraging Glenair’s MIL-DTL-38999 and Series 80 Mighty Mouse high-performance connector technologies, the transmitter or receiver functions are integrated into robust size 8 opto-electronic contacts, which feature either 1.25mm Arinc 801 or 2.5mm ELIO® compatible multi-mode optical termini. Each contact is 4.25Gbps capable, resulting in a potential aggregate bandwidth of up to 34Gbps per active connector. 

To support demand for very low data rates, Glenair are introducing a lower speed size 8 opto-electronic contact, supporting rates from DC to 1Mbps. For mixed signal applications, hybrid opto-copper versions of the active connectors are easily realised.

Receptacles are populated with the factory-tested photonic contacts, and are ready for immediate use as fibre optic to electrical circuit board I/O connectors. Size 8 cavity adapters are also available to enable construction of compatible mating plug connectors on the fibre cable side.

Key markets are Airborne, Tactical, Railway, Industrial, Oil and Gas and Shipboard.

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