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Parker Chomerics meets sealing and shielding needs of 21st century automotive electronics industry

Published: 8 December 2015 - Lisa Peake

Wide ranging product portfolio supported by experienced applications team

Chomerics Europe, a division of Parker Hannifin, says that its range of advanced solutions for automotive electronics applications now extends from thermal management and EMI shielding and grounding products, through to optical displays, engineered plastics and metal-based assemblies. In short, design engineers faced with addressing the sealing and shielding requirements of modern car electronics need look no further than Chomerics.

The electronics content in automobiles continues to increase at a rapid rate, a trend that in turn brings a corresponding rise in shielding (EMI/RFI) and thermal management challenges. Such challenges must be addressed by the automotive design engineer to ensure that electronics systems and modules work reliably in harsh environments. Furthermore, the emergence and growing popularity of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles adds to the quantity and complexity of the electronic content and the challenges of managing heat and electrical noise.

Along with hardware architecture and battery management, the growth in advanced automobile electronics means Chomerics has seen increasing demand for its products. For instance, the company’s optical display, EMI shielding and grounding, and thermal management technologies are now used widely in the latest ‘infotainment’ and driver information systems. Applications here include navigation and telematics systems, AV systems, head-up displays, GPS and information gathering systems, to list but a few.

Of course, this trend is in addition to demand for existing systems in engine management and powertrain, driver and safety systems, and body and chassis electronics. Here, there are a multitude of applications for Chomerics’ thermal management and EMI shielding and grounding products, including engine and transmission control units, electronic ignitions, electronic power steering, ACC, lane departure warning, reverse/park assist, collision warning, remote keyless entry, climate control and lighting, as well as door, window and mirror control.

Regardless of the application, Chomerics always strives to deliver value-added solutions, enhancing customer value through the vertical integration of design expertise, materials and components. By combining advanced materials with know-how and support based on decades of experience in shielding and thermal management, complemented by cost effective supply chain capabilities, Chomerics has proven that it can help streamline customer module manufacture and assembly.

Today, the company’s thermal management portfolio extends from thermally conductive gels and thermal insulators, through to thermal gap fillers and phase change materials. From an EMI shielding and grounding perspective, Chomerics can offer RF absorbers, conductive elastomers, form-in-place gasketing and conductive plastics. Equally innovative, the company’s optical display range of products includes enhancement displays and shielded windows.

Ultimately, Chomerics offers the products, technical know-how, customer support and supply chain capabilities to meet all automotive electronics challenges and deliver reliable and cost effective solutions.

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