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FiDUS Power introduces a new range of PSUs for medical systems

FiDUS Power, the technical power supply distributor, announces the introduction of the Versatile Power Series of power supplies: Versatile Power Series PSUs offer medical system designers flexible ... more

Passive balancing allows all cells to appear to have the same capacity

In the automotive and transportation marketplace, large battery stacks provide high output power without producing harmful emissions (that is, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons) associated with ... more

Traco Power present their TEQ 20WIR & 40WIR DC/DC converter modules

The TEQ 20WIR & 40WIR are two series' of isolated high performance railway DC/DC-converter modules, with 4:1 input voltage ranges arranged in a rugged metal case. These converters are suitable ... more

Maintenance-free DC UPS modules for DIN rail mounting protect against power failure, brownout and flicker

Two new DC UPS compact modules from Bicker Elektronik (Donauwoerth / Germany) ensure the uninterruptible power supply of DC loads such as low-power embedded IPCs, gateways, motors, sensors, actuators ... more

TDK announces its QM4 series of AC-DC modular power supplies

TDK Corporation has announce TDK-Lambda's QM4 series of AC-DC modular power supplies, which intend to reduce the series' footprint by 15 per cent. The series also features benefits such as an ... more

PULS DIN-Rail power supply, with IO-Link port, is Industry 4.0 ready

PULS Power,the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN-Rail power supplies, introduces their first power supply providing systems designers real-time information on power, temperature and ... more

Riedon expands its high-power portfolio with the BR series

Riedon is expanding its line of high-power wirewound resistors with a new series of rugged, metal-clad braking resistors that deliver high levels of performance and a reduction in the need for ... more

Ruggedised 300W DC-DC power blocks for 'difficult' environments from Powersolve

Leading power supply specialist Powersolve announces the TEQ 300WIR family of ruggedised DC-DC converters designed to offer the highest performance in harsh environments.

The power blocks are ... more

150VIN & VOUT Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller with Integrated Switching Bias Supply

Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear LTC3777, a 150V high efficiency (up to 99%) 4-switch synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controller, which operates from input voltages above, below or equal to ... more

RS Components introduces two new series of RS Pro power converters

RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the global distributor for engineers, today announced a significant expansion of RS Pro power supplies ( more

35V hot swappable supercapacitor backup power controller provides uninterrupted power, protection & monitoring

Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear LTC3351, a supercapacitor charger and backup power controller IC that includes hot swap front-end protection and all the features necessary to provide a ... more

Telonic Instruments announce the UK release of the new Kikusui PWR-01 series of wide-range benchtop programmable DC power supplies

The PWR-01 series are versatile instruments with models offering 400W, 800W, and 1200W rated power output with maximum rated voltages up to 650V. Equipped with a 4-times voltage and current variable ... more

Low power active mixer delivers 7GHz bandwidth & 20dBm OIP3

Analog Devices announces the LTC5562, a low power, high performance active double-balanced mixer, capable of 50? matching over a very wide frequency range of 30MHz to 7GHz. This versatile mixer can ... more

ADI 72V Hybrid Step-Down DC/DC Controller reduces solution size by 50% compared to traditional architectures

Analog Devices, Inc. today announced the Power by Linear™ LTC7821, an industry first hybrid step-down synchronous controller that merges a switched capacitor circuit with a synchronous step-down ... more

60W Plug-Top Power Adaptors from Powersolve meet the latest CEC requirements

Powersolve announces the PPS60 Series of plug-top adaptors designed to accept a universal 90 to 264VAC input while providing single outputs from 12 to 24VDC. The three models in the PPS60 Series meet ... more

Dual input prioritiser provides low quiescent current backup supply switchover solution

Analog Devices, Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LTC4418, a dual input power prioritizer for 2.5V to 40V systems. To enable portability, preserve memory ... more

Nexperia boosts protection portfolio with three new miniature, high-performance TVS diode families

Targets interfaces with high surge protection requirements including USB Power Delivery in portable devices

Nijmegen, September 5, 2017: Nexperia, the former Standard Products division of NXP, ... more

150V synchronous buck-boost controller eliminates surge protection devices & delivers up to 99% efficiency

Analog Devices, Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LTC3779, a high efficiency (up to 99%) 4-switch single inductor synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controller that ... more

Vicor’s Power-on-Package enables higher performance for Artificial Intelligence processors

Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today announced the introduction of Power-on-Package modular current multipliers for high performance, high current, CPU/GPU/ASIC (“XPU”) processors. By freeing up ... more

2A, 2MHz, 60V Boost/SEPIC/Inverter DC/DC Converter with IQ = 9µA

Analog Devices, Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LT8362, a current mode, 2MHz step-up DC/DC converter with an internal 2A, 60V switch. It operates from an ... more

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