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RF Solutions moves to meet growing demand for quality high-tech assembly

Published: 2 February 2015 - Marianne Evans

Contract manufacturing and wireless engineering specialist RF Solutions is settling into new 20,000 sq.ft custom-designed premises in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. The move brings extra capacity, a new and improved factory layout, and proximity to London’s Gatwick Airport, supporting enhanced services for customers in the UK and worldwide.

Moving to the larger factory is RF Solutions’ response to growth in the number of companies looking for high-quality assembly services using leading-edge technologies, particularly in the wireless field.

“We are engaging with more and more companies that need very high product quality at low to medium volumes, which has always been a key strength of RF Solutions. We now have the capacity to deliver those high standards of service for increasing numbers of customers,” said RF Solutions managing director John Fairall. “The electronic enterprise management systems that keep the business running smoothly deliver the scalability we need to continue growing into the future.”

In addition to its 30-strong production staff, and the two surface-mount production lines recently installed at Burgess Hill, RF Solutions has an in-house team of five engineers led by Fairall, himself a chartered engineer with some 30 years of wireless design experience. The engineering team is adept at tackling challenges from original circuit design to Design for Manufacture (DFM). RF Solutions operates an ISO9001-certified quality management system, led by two quality control officers who are fully qualified IPC instructors and hence capable of assessing every detail down to the quality of individual soldered joints.

While expanding its contract manufacturing activities, the company continues to build its own range of wireless devices for various purposes, as well as products originally designed by RF Solutions on behalf of OEM customers. 

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