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New tool for fast and easy test debug

A compliance test application for systems using low-power double-data-rate 3 memory has been developed by Agilent Technologies Inc.In addition to accelerating the turn-on and debug of LPDDR3-based ... more

LTE capable test system project

A collaborative effort has gone underway between Aeroflex and 7Layers, an international group of engineering and test centres to develop a test system that assesses the interworking of LTE-capable ... more

New EU compliant power measurement software

A new power measurement software package for precision power analysers has been released by Yokogawa.The software is specifically designed for testing standby power in accordance with the latest ... more

New signal analysers extend measurement range

The arrival of 8 and 12-port signal integrity network analysers have been announced by LeCroy Corporation for making S-parameter measurements.Cloud computing, mobile computing, smartphones and ... more

Test range now available in UK

A range of new high-performance low-cost benchtop digital oscilloscopes, manufactured by China based RIGOL are now available from Telonic Instruments.The DS1000E range consists of two models that ... more

JTAG for design proving... Whatever next?

James Stanbridge, UK Sales Manager at JTAG Technologies, explores the transition of boundary-scan from high-end test tools to low-cost and in some cases free, aid to hardware design/debugThe JTAG, a.... more

New waveform generators take test to the next-level

A new series of function/arbitrary waveform generators have been released by Lecroy Corporation. The new instruments generate signals up to 50MHz and come with a large sized 3.5” display. To ensure ... more

High-voltage system Instrument improves high-power semiconductor testing

A high-power system instrument has been unveiled by Keithley Instruments, Inc. The Model 2657A adds a high-voltage capacity to the company’s existing range of Series family of high-speed, precision ... more

New EU standards compliant power measurement software

A new power measurement software package for Yokogawa’s range of precision power analysers has been released by the company. The software is specifically designed for testing standby power in ... more

The future lies on rented time

With the current economic climate being what it is companies who are ­flexible and responsive to current market demands are coming up trumps as Michelle Winny, Editor of Electronics finds out during ... more

Reducing the risk in new markets

Nigel Brown, CEO of Microlease considers how increasing globalisation in the electronics world is leading European firms into new markets and driving the need for flexible test and measurement ... more

60 GHz real-time bandwidth oscilloscope

Oscilloscopes with a remarkably high bandwidth of (36GHz) and high sample rate of (80GS/s) have been developed by LeCroy Corporation. The silicon technology is integrated into the LabMaster 10 Zi. ... more

Software update

XJTAG has released version 2.6 of its boundary scan software.The Development System now comes with a new library that can auto-suggest the correct file based on the Bill of Materials (BOM) and net ... more

New wireless comms R&D test set

A new wireless communications test set that simplifies 2G/3G/3.5G designs at the maximum data rates has been unveiled by Agilent Technologies.The E5515E, an enhancement to the company's 8960 wireless ... more

A measure of speed for compact power metres

Compact RF and microwave power sensors/meters that feature fast measurement speed, cover a wide frequency range, and provide extensive power measurements from basic average power to pulse profiling ... more

Fast accurate satellite measurement

A compact, new rack-mount spectrum analyser has been released by Link Microtek. The device utilises FFT technology to carry out rapid and accurate measurements on satellite communications signals, in ... more

Safe detection of hidden faults

Jens Kokott, Manager of AOI/AXI systems at GOEPEL Electronic explores a revolutionary concept in layout independent fault detection by using AOI systems with high-end angled-view inspectionAOI ... more

High speed measurement option

A new high-speed data-capture option has been introduced for the Yokogawa WT1800 precision power analyser. This allows it to capture numeric data on the change of status during one rotation of a ... more

Emissions testing network

A new coupling/decoupling (CDNE) network for emissions testing has been developed by Teseq. The publication of EN 55015, based on CISPR 15 A1 Ed 7, has introduced an independent method of measurement ... more

Analysis of wideband communication

To enable broadband down converter functionality for analysis of wideband communications and radar signals in aerospace and defence applications, Agilent Technologies Inc. has enhanced the design of ... more

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