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Handheld RF spectrum analysers offer a smaller alternative with longer battery life

A new series of handheld RF spectrum analysers has been launched by Aim-TTi. The company’s PSA Series II devices are available in 1.3GHz and 2.7GHz versions, and are described as smaller, lighter ... more

Benchtop digital multimeter turbocharges Test & Measurement applications

A new 5½ digit benchtop digital multimeter has been released by Agilent that is designed to turbocharge electronic test and measurement applications and that is ideal for industrial and educational ... more

New 100G transceiver test reference model

A new Phase Reference Module has been released by Tektronix, Inc. The company's 82A04B is designed for its DSA8300 oscilloscope and when combined with new electrical sampling modules provides ... more

Testing in volume

Frank Nuttall at The Peak Group explores mass interconnect systems in the ­production test environment and the added benefits of advanced capabilitiesEvery company that builds ­complete systems or ... more

New digital power meter combines efficiency and accuracy for energy efficiency specifications

The key objectives of power efficiency and accuracy are at the core of the launch of the new WT300 series of digital power meters from test and measurement specialist, Yokogawa. This latest launch is ... more

Pattern validation tools adopted to improve design to test flows

Test Insight has announced that the microelectronics division of Delta has adopted its Tester Data Link pattern validation tools to help improve design to test flows.The company’s Tester Data Link is ... more

Frequency counter range extend with 6GHz option

A 6GHz version has been added by to the company’s TF900 series of bench/portable frequency counters.The TF960 has a TCXO timebase, it can measure and count between 0.001Hz and 6000MHz, and also ... more

LTE-advanced signal-generation and analysis solutions support evolution of 4G

A new LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO signal-generation and analysis solutions have been unveiled by Agilent Technologies Inc. LTE-Advanced is the evolution of LTE to 4G. Standardisation work was done as part ... more

RF 3GHz spectrum analyser for industrial markets

A new 3GHz spectrum analyser has been released by Aspen Electronics that is designed and developed by GW Instek. The company’s GSP-930 offers advanced spectrogram and topography capabilities, for ... more

Testing Utopia: The universal passport

Jean-Louis Evans, Managing Director at TÜV SÜD Product Service, a global product testing and certification organisation, and at its sister ­company, TÜV SÜD BABT, radio and telecommunications ... more

Modern tools that don’t cost the earth

James Stanbridge of JTAG Technologies discusses how delivering value-added functionality is the driving force behind boundary-scan tool developmentAs many engineers involved with manufacturing and ... more

LXI - The future of test system design

Mark Edwards Sales Director at Aim-TTi explores how LAN/LXi is shaping up as an ideal instrumentation control interface to replace GPIB systemsThe cost of configuring a test system today can easily ... more

Debug upgrade

To simplifying serial bus test complexity Tektronix, Inc. is releasing a broad set of oscilloscope firmware and software ­upgrades. These are designed to simplify and shorten serial bus debug cycles ... more

Two new oscilloscopes from 40MHz to 300MH

Two new instruments have been added by LeCroy Corporation to its WaveAce oscilloscope series - the WaveAce 1000 and WaveAce 2000. The first of the two feature a sample rate of up to 1GS/s with 2Mpts ... more

SerialTek BusXpert PRO II 12G SAS/SATA analysers

Two new SerialTek BusXpert PRO II 12G SAS and SATA analysers have been released by Agilent Technologies Inc.The U3055A/U3056A are designed for 12-Gbps SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and 6-Gbps SATA (... more

Putting electronics to the test

Electronics talks to Doug Lovell, Sales and Marketing Director at Telonic ­Instruments about the demands of the test equipment industry and how the company is rising to the challenge with a line-card ... more

Seek, discover & compare

James Stanbridge of JTAG Technologies explains how a new and novel use of boundary-scan technology is further assisting PCB debug and repairLate 2009 saw a dramatic change in the world of boundary-... more

Function/arbitrary waveform generators

A series of function/arbitrary waveform generators has been developed by LeCroy Corporation. The WaveStation generates signals up to 50MHz and has a 3.5” display, intuitive front panel, two output ... more

Testing the way forward

Terry Marrinan, Vice President for Test & Measurement at Yokogawa Europe explores how the complexities of advancing industry standards and regulations are driving demand for test & ... more

New tool for fast and easy test debug

A compliance test application for systems using low-power double-data-rate 3 memory has been developed by Agilent Technologies Inc.In addition to accelerating the turn-on and debug of LPDDR3-based ... more

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